RTÉ studios in Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Mark Tighe, in yesterday’s Sunday Times, reported:

Almost three-quarters of those who earn salaries of more than €100,000 a year in RTE are men, according to figures obtained by The Sunday Times. By contrast, well over half of RTE staff paid less than €40,000 are women.

…This has now been confirmed in figures supplied after a freedom of information request to the station.

They cover basic salary of staff members, and not contractors, overtime or allowances.

The figures show that, while women made up 48.3% of RTE’s 1,984 staff at the end of 2016, they accounted for just 29.6% of the 125 workers whose basic annual salary was more than €100,000.

RTE cheques in the male (Mark Tighe, The Sunday Times)

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22 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. Owen

    So 50% of staff are women, but only 30% of the staff earning over 100K are women. Hardly time to get the pitchforks.

    I’m more curious as to why 125 of them earn over 100k?!

      1. Cian

        Your point? Channel 4 is a single TV channel. Chanel 4 buy most (if not all) of their content.

        RTE has multiple TV channels as well as radio. RTE also makes its own shows (as well as buying stuff in).

        BBC has 35,000 employees.

  2. Fact Checker

    I would expect this pattern is repeated across all large employers, public and private, in Ireland.

    Even small differences in averages can mean big differences in the tails of a distribution.

    ^^Above statement is not meant as a justification of said phenomenon^^

  3. Frilly Keane

    can’t see this set of figures to be any different in any other organisation of the same size & turnover tbh

    1. realPolithicks

      Isn’t that what the problem is? Women are underpaid (in comparsion to men) everywhere they work.

    1. Cian

      Male unemployment rates in that 20-35 age group are much higher too.
      20 – 24 years Male 41.1% Female 27.9%
      25 – 34 years Male 23.3% Female 14.0%
      (2011 figures from CSO)

      So are males are happier to be unemployed than take minimum wage jobs?

      1. Yeah, Ok

        Those figures clearly illustrate that women are unfairly taking all the minimum wage jobs and leaving none for the men. We have rights too!

        Women under 30 also earn -17% less than men. How do we explain that one away outside of the deliberately obfuscating language we already employ for it?

        1. Cian

          Technically it is childless women that earn -17% less than men[1].

          [1] Irish figures quoted from Nation Women’s Council of Ireland, 2014.

    1. Owen

      What about the ones who bought a second house in the boom and have to pay the additional mortgage?! Or those who have full time staff? Or those who have kids all over the shop and have to pay child support?!

      Be a little bit more sensitive Joe Cool, even just for your namesake.

  4. phil

    Shocking, well, I guess the only way to resolve this is the close RTE for good, its sad, but I cant see any other way around this problem….

    1. Cian

      No, just increase everyone’s salary in RTE to a flat €450,000 – regardless of sex, age, number of hours worked, education, output.

  5. eric cartman

    nobody in rte should be on over 100k , but since they are, who the hell cares. this is not a sign of sexism and barely even an issue. if RTE was an institution of exclusively baron women perhaps but it isnt.

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