Saving Public Ryan


More recently Ryanair has been keen to soften its image – in 2013 O’Leary said he wanted to stop ‘unnecessarily pissing people off.’ The airline has massively improved its formerly clunky website, introduced numbered seating and even created a ‘Business Plus’ class of ticket, giving those travelling for work more flexibility and a shot at some decent legroom.

…The debacle will cost Ryanair a small fortune in compensation, as well as lost revenue as those travelling in the next six weeks decide to book with another airline. But the long-term cost could be to its reputation. We imagine passengers are less willing to forgive this kind of inconvenience than O’Leary’s usual PR-hungry antics.

Is Ryanair’s latest scandal a controversy too far? (Management Today)

List of cancelled Flights here

This comment from one pilot sums up what most were telling me.

“The issue is one of crewing, and crewing only. No company plans to implement a leave system that leaves them woefully undermanned during a peak period. Had Ryanair had enough pilots, this would not have been an issue. However, the lack of pilots has been laid bare for all to see.”

Another said: “Bizarrely, people that work here are laughing, because it’s finally all coming out.”

Does Ryanair have a pilot shortage? (BBC)

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Tom Moylan writes:

If you have been affected by the Ryanair cancellations and are flying within the EU, you have rights. Check them out at link below.

Air Passenger Rights (

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32 thoughts on “Saving Public Ryan

  1. I.P.

    Largest airline in Europe and cheapest seats. They will be fine. I do enjoy the British media getting stuck in though and getting the word Irish in as many times as possible. Sky can barely contain their excitement at the slip up.

        1. scottser

          Well I’m expecting to fly home on the flight I booked, which isn’t much to ask for. You should also stop the petulance and name calling and display some maturity yourself.

          1. FrequentFlyer

            Have you tried flying with American Airlines? They charge twice as much and can’t find pilots in the airport who are suppose to fly International. Pure clowns! This is the same as the RBS/UlsterBank IT problem… everyone bitched and moaned about it but how many really left?

  2. Mark Mywords

    this will be a minor set back. Fianna Fail destoyed the entire country for generations, literally costing lives as well as livelihoods. and they only spent ONE term out of office, before people voted them back in. My point being, we are a nation of forgetful, dumb masochists. People will still use them. I bet right now, as i speak, there are people booking flights with Ryanair. People who are even aware of all this goin on at the moment. Reading down thru the article about all the people stranded, then opening up a new tab, and bookin flights.

    1. I.P.

      I like not spending more money then I have to. They are listing the affected flights. I will always choose Ryanair and go in with my eyes open. I have always had a good experience with them. I like saving money. I’m weird like that.

        1. Rob_G

          (M O’L doesn’t own Ryanair, btw. There is not a doubt in mind that he would name it ‘O’Leary Air’ if he did).

      1. Mark Mywords

        i bet the people stranded now, who are being ignored by customer services, having to pay for flights home with other airlines also thought their flights were guna be reliable and on time. your attitude is typical, look after

        1. FrequentFlyer

          What exactly are customer service going to do? Magically make planes appear to ferry them home! More efficient to use social media platforms to advise people. Seen someone on the news yesterday complaining that they needed to get home to her one year old before heading off somewhere else? WTF are you doing leaving your one year in another country while you fly with any airline. Nobody remember the whole volcano in Iceland episode?

          1. Nigel

            Feckin hell. Ryanair has some real fanboys willing to pee on the people inconvenienced by this crapfest. How dare a busy woman on a tight schedule expect to see her child when Ryanair needs to have an almighty cock-up? What do they expect? Reliability and some sort of useful assistance when things go pear-shaped?

          2. Mark Mywords

            well ive read stories of people being stranded and tryin to contact customer service to .. GET THEM ANOTHER FLIGHT.. WITH ANOTHER AIRLINE.. which is in your rights, its all there on a linkon the ryanair site. you can do that, or accept a cash offer of i think 400 euro. one guy tweeting his story, said theres a link for an online help line, and they then sort you out with what ur entitled to get, but the link didnt work. and he emailed and tried ringing to no response. they finally mailed back just sending him to the broken link.

  3. francis almond

    Yer wan in Faro with the daughter that’s 6 months pregnant should calm down. By my reckoning she has at least another 3 months to get a flight… is what I’d say if I was Micheal O’Leary. Take that ye boopy booper!

  4. I.P.

    “You will have to pay for toilets next” boring patter legends out in force. Ryanair have made flying a possibility for millions of people and not a luxury.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes. It made for more family get-togethers in the late 80s, the 90s and the 2000s. I loved and enjoyed every no-frills flight, as did my family. Something went wrong after that (2001?*) and it was stealth charges. A Ryanair spokesperson might confirm, but I am guessing fuel charges, airport docking charges and severe cutting back on staff incomes, greed and accelerated returns for shareholders.

      *9/11 did not affect Ryanair travel.

  5. Gorev Mahagut

    Buy a ticket and you might win a flight. Should Ryanair be prosecuted for running an unlicensed lottery?

  6. cloud9

    tip of the iceberg this one. Just wait till the summer season next year when they are due to operate significantly more flights. they simply won’t have the pilots. it’s a case of reap what you sow…

    1. Andy

      Eh, this is exactly what has happened.

      They operated at max capacity in their peak July & August months and limited pilot vacation time thereby pushing all remaining mandatory pilot vacation time into the final 4 months (as the last 3 months of their roster year (which had been April to April) have now been removed as they move to a new calendar/roster year.

      1. Andy

        To note, that this shouldn’t happen next year as they’ll have the full 12 months of a roster year to accommodate all the pilots vacation.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        I would like a @secretRyanairpilot to come onboard.

        Seriously though, once passengers have travelled on a solo-piloted Cessna flight for one hour; it means Ryanair can offer solo-piloted flights with public confidence, once s/he doesn’t eat on the flight and is medically sound. One pilot, one cabin attendant and a bum-seat section on half the plane. That’s what is coming.

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