Go Ahead, Make My Way


This morning.

Paul writes:

Today, members of the Disability Federation of Ireland are placing stickers on objects that block footpaths.

The drive is to create awareness of the rarely seen issues that disabled people across Ireland encounter every day.

In fairness.

Disability Federation of ireland


This morning.

The stickers in full effect around Dublin city.


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42 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Make My Way

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Well said, John.

        People are quick to criticise motorists but ignore the thousands of innocent people maimed and killed on Irish roads every week by cyclists breaking red lights, weaving through traffic and even mounting pavements. My own view is that there should be a warden stationed at every intersection, armed with a taser. That would sort it out.

        1. scottser

          ‘the thousands of innocent people maimed and killed on Irish roads every week by cyclists’

          there’s no need to go all ‘rotide’ on this, mate.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            3,500 pedestrians killed every week by red light-breaking, kerb-mounting cyclists in the town of Tullamore alone… FACT. There’s no available data for Dublin, but it’s almost certainly more. It’s CARNAGE.

          2. scottser

            ah now, the high death rate in tullamore is due to the dodgy excuse for a batterburger served up in carmine’s. sure they do be dropping like flies outside the place of a late saturday night, choking on the mank that passes for batter.

          3. Frilly Keane

            Now there’s sum’ting

            A daycent Batter Burger
            Tis years since I’ve seen anything like you’d have got in Mattie Kielys one time

            Are they gone the way of the 088 numbers

          4. Boj

            Frilly, I’m surprised you haven’t dabbled yourself in the diy batter burger. Failing that, East End takeaway in Lucan village still does them and they are glorious!

    1. Spud

      Rightly so if some entitled tootle pants thinks it’s a good idea to vandalise and litter by putting a sticker on a car / bike that isn’t theirs.
      If you’ve an issue with something, report it to the proper authorities.
      You can still raise awareness through other means.

      1. Mysterybeat

        Ah yeah, they have such a sense of entitlement. It must come from wheeling themselves around all day. sure why don’t they just pick up their chair and walk it around the obstacle that was improperly placed.
        I mean, don’t they get it? It’s a FOOT path people, not a wheel path!

        1. Gary Kearney

          Not entitlement just reasonable wish to be treated equal as everybody else and not all disabled people are in wheelchairs.

      2. Yeah, Ok

        Clearly you are one of those inconsiderate parkers showing your sociopathic tendencies then Spud? We should treat cars parked on footpaths and cycle lanes as litter too – tow and dispose of them. That’ll sort it out. Cars are on the way out anyway.

      3. kellma

        Oh, the outrage…. I think this is a good idea. It won’t move mountains but if it makes one or two people a tad more considerate then all good. A lot of people “just don’t think” and don’t specifically go out of their way to be inconsiderate pr*cks.
        And for the one or two that lose the plot about having to peel off a sticker and maybe take a wipe to the sticky residue… it might make them spare a thought for the relatively greater inconvenience the wheelchair-bound person had to deal with. It probably won’t. They’ll just be outraged (eyes to heaven emoji)

        1. Brother Barnabas

          I used to find dog poo applied with a stick to the car door handle was the best way to encourage an inconsiderate motorist to reflect on his actions. That was in the days when dog poo was a common sight on Dublin streets.

  1. Dhaughton99

    This idea would be great for the bike lane offenders except they should be made out of the sticky paper the clampers use and takes 3 weeks to scrape off your window.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Think yourself lucky that you posess the actual mobility to get on a bike and cycle around the car with a disabled driver who probably had to park there because some pooty tootle fupper parked in the blue bay “just for a minute”.

      Funny how cyclists always manage to make transport issues ALL ABOUT THEM even when it’s to do with disability access!

  2. Birdie

    Sandwich boards absolutely wreck my head. I would love if they were banned. They take up for too much space in a city, Dublin, that has narrow paths for the most part. I wish I was bold enough to kick them all down.

    1. karlj

      They are banned.
      I know my local Council removes outside seating and sandwich boards if they have no permission. A business must have permission to put something on the footpath.
      Call your Council and remind them they have an obligation to enforce a safe thoroughfare for pedestrians

    2. Barry the Hatchet

      I second that, Birdie. Drives me nuts.

      Also a pet peeve of mine in residential areas is people who let their bushes, flowers, etc. grow out onto the footpath to completely block wheelchairs and buggies.

    1. kellma

      Is your real name John and are you partial to sketching phallic shapes? Did you deface that lovely Olive Tree on Stephens green? My job here is done. Arrest this man…..

      1. Gorev Mahagut

        Except that guy signed his name James, not John. Looks like the real slip-up [puts on sunglasses] was made by kellma.

        Read him his rights, boys.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      If cars park badly I’m fond of trying to wedge the buggy through the space. Does it scrape the car? Maybe. So be it.

  3. scottser

    ye all need a big mammy going ‘if ye all can’t share the road properly then nobody’s allowed to use it’ . then ye all have to stay at home and ye’re not allowed out to play.

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