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This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

Students from the National Learning Network, including top from left: Melissa Harrington and Megan Collins, affected by the axing of an allowance which enables people with disabilities to attend training courses and access employment gathered outside the Dáil to appeal to the Minister for Health to reverse the decision.

They say the value of the allowance is €31.80 per student per week “so the overall saving to Government would be minimal and yet it is a vital lifeline to those who need specialist supports to access further education or to enter the workforce”.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

This morning.

Paul writes:

Today, members of the Disability Federation of Ireland are placing stickers on objects that block footpaths.

The drive is to create awareness of the rarely seen issues that disabled people across Ireland encounter every day.

In fairness.

Disability Federation of ireland


This morning.

The stickers in full effect around Dublin city.



[The Wings for Life World Run In Knock Kerry]

Gra writes;

“Incredibly patronising ad currently on bus shelters around Dublin. It seems to be an event designed to exclude the people it’s trying to help. What next? A gala concert to raise money for the deaf, a spelling bee to raise money for dyslexics?”

*backs out of room*

Lisburn firm launches new invention

The Firefly ‘Upsee’.

A life-changing harness.

MT writes:

“Antrim based company I work for developed a product that’s been getting good bit of attention worldwide since launch on Monday. It was the idea of a parent who brought it to us to develop and manufacture. I had no involvement in this particular project but wanted to share it as its about as feel good as it gets on a Wednesday morning.”

This Mom’s Invention Does More Than Help Kids With Disabilities Walk. It Lets Their Spirits Soar (Huffington Post)

Firefly Upsee