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French President Emmanuel Macron

“What Europe is missing today is a common strategic culture. Our incapacity to act together in a convincing way undermines our credibility as Europeans.

“Europe as we know it is too weak, too slow and too inefficient.

“But only Europe can give us the means to act on the world stage as we tackle the great challenges of the day.”

Mr Macron called for the creation of an EU defence force by 2020 that would give the bloc “autonomous capacity for action” and proposed creating an European security training academy.

The centrist leader also proposed an EU tax on big technology companies and international action to regulate online activity.

There you go now.

Emmanuel Macron calls for EU army and shared defence budget (

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12 thoughts on “Macron Management

  1. Pádraig Ó Raghaill

    Centrist leader me bum area – he is stapled in the epitome of neoliberalism – and they are not learning from the rise of populism.

  2. Milo

    Well the large tax on tech companies is a step n the right direction. How they get away with their tax avoidance is beyond me. And lickspittle governments like our bending over to help them? Are we fricking serious? There is a very simple solution to our economic and social difficulties- and its not a tweet from Google about inclusivity and that guff, its their fair share of taxes- like every other business.

  3. TheRealJane

    Macron saying things doesn’t automatically make them happen.

    I mean, he’s not even Angela Merkel and every tinfoil hat wearing loonbag knows she’s the empress of eussr.

    It’s hard to see how the EU can be a lumbering behemoth which is incapable of radical change and also goverened entirely by people just saying stuff.

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