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      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Yeah I saw that but I didn’t read it on the list of changes they’re working on introducing.

  1. edalicious

    There’s a lad “isitchyeah” on FB and IG who’s doing a series of interesting Dublin historical stories. Might be worth giving him a shout about putting his stuff up here.

  2. Murtles

    Magnificent suggestions all, we may need a training course on how to use the site effectively but so be it. Edit button is a great idea as I always make misposts in my takes.

      1. rotide

        Boards,ie has always had that function, you could edit your posts up for up to 24hrs i think, after that your words were your own. I liked that aspect.

  3. Tony

    How does an ‘edit function on comments’ work?

    Does it let you change your comment after it gets posted? Only once or can you keep on changing hem?

    1. David

      Depends on the ‘forum’. Some allow a single edit, while you have the same window open.

      Others allow multiple edits provided no-one has replied directly to that post. If someone’s replied, your post reads something like “edited gazillion times by so-and-so” or “last edited on…”

  4. MoyestWithExcitement

    Close the comments section! Seriously though, you should have to press a button to display the comments. It must be disheartening to write an essay about poor people or homeless people or whatever only to get reems of deluded saddos personally attack you and critique the format of the essay because the don’t like what you said.

      1. b

        if people don’t like what you said, should they not be allowed to comment?

        everyone with an alternative view isn’t a troll, though people should always try to be civil.

        i don’t think there should be any sacred cows of topics

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          If people responded with counter arguments, that would be great. They don’t though. They belittle and insult. A lot of ugly, ugly human beings post on broadsheet.

    1. Rob_G

      Isn’t it dreadful when you encounter ideas that don’t accord exactly with your own, all the same?

    2. rotide

      It must be disheartening to make a speech in the dail or write an article or host a radio show about poor people or homeless people or whatever only to get reems of deluded saddos, mostly called Moyest, personally attack you and critique the format of the content because the don’t like what you said

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        I personally attack *you* because you personally attack everyone. Now run along, troll.

    3. Frilly Keane

      Are ya codding me Moist?
      Ara away ou’that you

      Sur what would be the point of Broadsheet then

      I’d be off anyway

  5. H

    Definitely agree with edit button, could have ‘show original’ option like on FB so changes of heart would be viewable, I also think the ‘read more’ option on long posts would be great.
    I’m not sure whether this is covered in ‘better search function’ or ‘view previous user posts’ but as a sporadic user I somethings have difficulty finding things I commented on after a few days, maybe a ‘favourite’ button would do the trick and help us to follow items of particular interest.
    As an example, there was a cartoon I saw on here in the very early days that stuck with me but I have not been able to locate again (it was a couple and one was trying to share their attention between their phone and their partner so one eye eventually moved back to the phone in a comical manner).

    1. rotide

      I think the problem with post and comment notifications and navigation is the lack of login on bs. I, like Ahjayzis below, quite like the more-anonymous-than-most nature of the comments section here but one of its drawbacks is it’s quite hard to see your post history etc

    1. jusayinlike

      +1, a block button leads to an echo chamber, comments should be encouraged..

      It’s only a comment it can’t hurt you..

      1. Yep

        + 1

        I always thought one of the best thing about this comment section was when people got into it. It can fall into the petty and ridiculous but that is the fault of the commentators.

  6. rotide

    That list is fantastic. The top 5 alone would improve the site 100 fold. Add in Guess the Genitalia and you’re on to a winner. (please please please can Bad PR photos make a return)

    1. jusayinlike

      Right wingers like rotide/editor whine for a block button whilst simultaneously labelling bs an echo chamber..


  7. Liam Deliverance

    Fair play BS for actually listening and making notes on the suggestions gathered, that is a rare thing. It was a competition too wasn’t tit!

  8. Bonkers

    I’d settle for your app being able to upload a pic, have tried thrice now with no joy. How are we ever supposed to get Guess the Genitalia off the ground if we can’t even upload pics

  9. Frilly Keane

    I’m calling for a recount

    there’s no effin way there was only 2 cribbin about the Winnie The Pooh editing

    1. David

      On the face of it, it looks like this: for every one vote for “annual awards”, there were six times as many suggesting “edit option for comments”.

      This may be an erroneous assumption, but.

      1. Frilly Keane

        most of my suggestions are out after the 1st count
        fair enough

        but absolutely no way was there only 2 out’ve the 300 ish comments cribbing about pooh pooptie doo

        so I think my call for a recount is valid

  10. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Get Mick Flavin back to do illustrations.

    With this in mind, win back the more intelligent/arguably non sadsack people who have stopped commenting on the website.

    With this in mind, make a public declaration/promise that if JR/Bodger is thinking about posting something related to spirit cooking or the latest right wing conspiracy, or if he’s thinking of posting something that’s a really really bad idea but will briefly increase (then decimate) site traffic, he’ll take a breath first.

    With this in mind, give Olga a raise and/or some approval power on posts. She seems to have some cop on and, given her knowledge of complex goings of recent tribunal, is working bloody hard.

  11. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’m amazed at the low vote turnout (though no heavy BS riot police thankfully).
    Twas I that recommended the Pub Spy and the Sun ban….but I was sure they were seconded. Wouldn’t that mean +1 hah?

    1. David

      Yeah, that’s odd. Several (?) people downthumbed him but one or two were ok with him, iirc. Maybe it was even stevens.

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