9 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. petey

    a little disappointed in my Morning Star. they usually follow their own agenda, without being detoured by the day’s superficialities. that’s for the capitalist press. but this one was hard to pass up, i grant.

    1. John

      You are hilarious. That is a really well thought out and genuinely funny comment. What you should do is go onto rip.ie and see if you can comment on all of the days obituaries with cleverly worded comments like this. I’m sure families will take great comfort in it. boo boo

  2. edalicious

    It’s a funny juxtaposition on the front of the Indo, paying tribute to a Politician who always “put the nation first”, above a headline talking about lowering taxes in cynical move to hold onto votes when we should be investing in the country.

  3. martco

    by all accounts according to the records Mr Cosgrave was a decent man no matter what your ideology etc. RIP


    I had to laugh/cringe at the utterly obvious PR self promotion piggybacking going on this morning across the radio stations on his death…Shatter plugging his latest book, Ahern as per usual trying to promote & normalise himself…plus FG FG FG all across the board on the morning papers


  4. Truth in the News

    The Indo this morning ” A true Patriot who stood by the Republic”…..what Republic was
    Cosgrave standing up for when the “Heavy Gang” ran riot in the Guards in the mid ’70s
    And his father before him what did he stand up for, and lest not forget the rest of them
    It appears that Mr Rea’s recent foray to China has rubbed off on him in towing the
    party line……The Blueshirt One……We need to delve deeper into all of this, the shooting
    of Collins, the Sweepstakes even right up to Cherrywood……Maybe its the Public stood
    up for the “Republic”

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