Owl Wans In Session



Owl Wans discuss the March for Choice

By comedy double act Alan and Alan, a.k.a. Triple A

Alan writes:

With the 8th Committee once again in session, and the March4Choice last Saturday, here’s an animation about attitudes on the 8th amendment....It has talking animals, for the kids!

Triple A Comedy

4 thoughts on “Owl Wans In Session

  1. frank o'shea

    The choice being sought here is the choice to kill.
    To vote yes is to vote to give people the freedom to choose to kill.
    It is nothing else.

    1. Mark Mywords

      it shouldn’t be up for vote what people do with their own bodies, making their own choices based on their own lives.

  2. Biorenewed

    If you know of anyone committing murder, please report them to the relevant authorities as soon as is possible. This is illegal and should be stopped at once.
    If you are so scared by a woman having the choice to have autonomy over her body, I feel so so sorry for you. You must find life very hard.

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