Meanwhile, In Rathmines


This afternoon.

Rathmines, Dublin 6

Frank O’Dea writes:

Let’s hope Moldova are NOT high on quality against Republic of Ireland in the Aviva Stadium this evening! Come on Ireland!



Republic of Ireland Vs Moldova (FAI)

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12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Rathmines

    1. Pete Tong

      Haha, I just clicked into the story to say the same thing. Moldovans speak Romanian, a romance language.

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Moldova’s ass is grass.
    For the love of the spirit of Italia 90. we need to win tonight and on Monday against Wales. We need to be going to Russia with love.

    If I was O’Neill and Keane I’d be showing the boys in green this video.
    After seeing who and what they are playing for these lads would know the craic.
    It’s not they don’t already know, as some would have lived through that beautiful time. But some need to be reminded from time to time to keep the emotion and concentration on a prize for us all.

    The ole lad blubbering away gets me every time. #IrishPride
    I’d love to have shook his hand. He evoked all the emotion and pride of the country and his happiness with tears is surely the power of football.
    Football is not a matter of life and death, it’s a matter of love and respect.
    His hardly still around, is he?

    As Bill would say ‘we’ll leave it there’


  2. Pete Tong

    The lefties on broadsheet think they’re worldly but they’re really not – they have just enough ‘worldly’ knowledge to think they’re intelligent and knowledgable but not enough to actually be described as such. Moldovans speak Romanian. They aren’t slavs.

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