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Angus Lavery writes:

A famous revolutionary of Irish descent and the artwork by an Irish artist that became one of the world’s great iconic images, all come together in a stamp which has just been issued by An Post.

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, the quintessential left-wing revolutionary was killed in South America in 1967. An Post has chosen the 50th anniversary of his death to issue the stamp featuring the famous image of ‘Che’ by Dublin artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

The stamp (€1), designed by Red&Grey, is based on Jim Fitzpatrick’s artwork, which appears on t shirts, posters, badges and clothing worldwide and is now rated among the world’s top 10 most iconic images.

Finally, in fairness.

An Post

55 thoughts on “Viva An Post

  1. Helga.

    Jim Fitzpatrick. So called socialist. We got in touch with him, he was very enthusiastic until we mentioned that a place where his prints hung was using job bridge. We wanted help. Zero response from him after that.

      1. Helga

        His work was hanging in the place, he sent it there. We were hoping as a socialist (as he’s always protesting that he is) that he’d object to the use of job bridge in the place that was showcasing his work, or that he’d at least tell them it wasn’t on and was very unfair to the workers.

  2. shitferbrains

    I suppose we should be grateful that Stalin didn’t have any Irish ancestors. This is one f’ed up country.

          1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            @Harry Molloy
            Hello Harry. A sheltered blob residing in Kerry has a question:
            Do you feel you have more options (of a romantic nature) since you figured out you’re Bi?
            Would it be ignorant to assume that people of a Bi-sexual orientation have more options? (That assumption has crossed my mind, which made me feel a bit jealous.)

          2. Harry Molloy

            I’ve only become bi since being married really, and only ever with the wife. But it certainly means you can explore more as a couple.

  3. rotide

    There’s a nice left-wing basis to that whole image since the original photographer refused to copyright it so no one, including fitzpatrick , could make any money from it.

    Actually, I might be talking through my arse there, maybe Fitzpatrick was able to copyright the altered image, but the original photo is public domain.

    1. Scoops4all

      Fitpatrick never copyrighted his image so makes no money from its use. If he did he’d be disgustingly wealthy.

  4. Alatriste

    Che Guevara Lynch’s father said that in his son ‘flowed the blood of Irish rebels”. He was murdered by the CIA. A hero for all time. He will always be a hero of mine.

    1. Rob_G

      Really. I wonder how many ‘counter-revolutionaries’ he ordered executed in Cuba; I wonder how the families of those people feel about him.

  5. Harry Molloy

    It’s such an iconic image. I had it on the T-shirt myself during my Rage Against the Machine days.

  6. Sheila

    My mum used to have a Che Tee Shirt.

    Once while wearing it in a shop in the local big town (this was when she was in her 50s), the young server scoffed at her saying “I bet you have no idea who he is”.

    She was more than delighted to tell him a) she knew exactly who he was and b) she had bought the tee shirt in Cuba.

    She left the shop in a triumphant flounce :)

    1. Pete Tong

      I bet she didn’t know she had a mass murderer and dictator on the front of her t-shirt? That’s the problem with people of slightly above average intelligence. They think they’re smarter than everyone else but they’re only smarter than just over half the population. Joke’s on your ma

  7. Karly warly

    I’m confused as to how Red&Grey are given a design credit for a piece by Jim Fitzpatrick. What did they do? The text overlay?
    No mention of Alberto Korda anywhere.

  8. Redzer

    Limited colour platettes of photographs of Che Guevarra, Castro and Camillo Cienfuegos and Camillo Torres were being done for years in Cuba for ICAIC and OSPAAAL before Fitzpatrick decided to get in on the act.

    Fitzpatrick no artistic genius – and the way he rarely if ever gives the original photographer Alberto Korda credit for the iconic photograph – whose lack of claim in the copyright enabled Fitzpatrick to create his derivative artwork in the first place – really grinds my gears.

  9. petey

    statist, machismist, third-worldism is nothing to celebrate. proper communists know him as an enemy.

  10. dav

    I heard some shock-jock being interviewed by Morning Ireland, giving out about the stamp and blaming communism for everybody wearing Ché t-shirts

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