Wait. What?

Last night’s Lotto +1 draw on RTE1.

(Thanks Ronan Emmett)


A statement from the lottery this afternoon said: “A brief reflection of light during filming caused an illusion and some players to think there were two numbers on ball 38. This was not the case.

The weight and size of all Lotto balls, and the numbers, are strictly checked in advance of each draw.

“This process, as well as the draw itself, is independently observed by our auditors KPMG.”


Lottery blames light after ball appears to show two numbers (RTÉ)

Screengrab via Muratcomtr

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24 thoughts on “Bogus Ball

    1. Harry Molloy

      Yeah you’d have to think so. I’d be surprised if they manufactured new balls for each draw

  1. pooter

    If this is a genuine mistake, everybody who placed a bet on that lotto, should get their money back, and for all draws where that ball was present. And whoever is responsible should lose their job.

  2. The Dude

    It’ll be interesting to see if any kind of half-decent debate finally occurs about the ‘national’ lottery.

    Odd and how a privately-owned gambling business is given such positive promotion by the state broadcaster… Hooray for everything!

    Meanwhile, the Irish people now rank as the 3rd highest losers at gambling per capita globally. Maybe Marty and co. might do more of a public service by covering that aspect? [Breath not held.]

  3. Pete Tong

    Wow the stupidity of this post. Clearly the selected ball is 38 and the one in the pool of balls is 33. It’s quite obvious considering the other numbers on the selected ball all read 38 quite easily.

  4. The Bottler

    How many years has Willie O’Dea being taking money from the public purse and still Limerick is a poo poo city?

  5. Rois

    It doesn’t look like a reflection of light at all. The ‘reflected’ 3 is identical to the one beside it.

  6. Murtles

    The refraction of light caused a pseudo reflective prism that warped the image of an 8 into a 3. That or Jerry who was putting the stickers on the balls was ratarsed drunk again and screwed up. He had an 88 ball in the pot 2 months ago. Shhhh.

    1. Jim Bob Julius

      The same auditors who sat and watched the banks as they effectively destroyed economies?

      Forgive my lack of confidence in them, they were either corrupt or incompetent – neither gives me reason to take them at their word?

  7. Frilly Keane

    I’m going with the eff up
    and looking at SKC for not actually checking all the balls thoroughly, like are they numbered correctly, weighted evenly etc ahead of the draw

  8. edalicious

    I’ve worked on the lotto before. It’s mad the stuff they do to ensure no cheating.

    Each set of balls come in their own little briefcase, with semi-spherical cutouts on each side for each ball. The briefcases are brought from whatever vault or safe they’re stored in, handcuffed to a dude’s wrist. They randomly select one of the sets to use for the night and then weigh and polish each ball individually before putting them in the machine. At each stage of the process there’s always two people just standing there, not doing anything except watching the balls to make sure that nobody does anything untoward with them. The balls themselves are smaller than you’d think and the numbers are built into the ball, like the stripes on a pool ball.

    There’s not a chance in hell that somebody “accidentally” stuck the wrong sticker on. It’s definitely just unfortunate lighting angles.

  9. martco

    anyone considered that the screen grab might have been photoshopped in thesis old fashioned way for the craic like?

    that’s a 3 all day long but maybe image alteration is the real cause?

  10. anne

    It’s a big waste of money anyway…they added 2 numbers last year so that the odds of winning are dwindled down to practically nothing.

    Of course it was promoted as increase lotto winnings with the adding of the 2 numbers…the jackpot increases as it’s not being won as frequently.

    It’s a big scam..& it’s some people’s only plan in life.

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