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  1. Fed this now

    Feminists quiet on the victims of Muslim grooming gangs. Islam gets a free pass among the left.

    1. Listrade

      Like it being the on the front page of the notoriously left wing Independent with a female by-line?

      1. Fed this now

        Feminists cite ‘rape culture’ but they actually mean white male rape culture. Rotherham was covered up for years due to police/social workers afraid of being labelled racist. Unfortunately Islam has a big problem with the sexualisation of children.

        1. Listrade

          But your point was they were quiet and so was the left, yet it’s right there up at the top on the front page of the Independent. It was also a story on BBC breakfast this weekend.

          As an FYI, “rape culture” is a slightly different issue to organised child abuse. It’s worth knowing the difference before trying to score points on an unrelated issue.

          The problem here is that authorities have been utterly incompetent with handling any organised child abuse, not just by Muslims. Incompetence is giving way too much benefit of the doubt to authorities, evidence is more pointed to ignoring and even keeping quiet.

          Abuse centering in Rochdale in the UK was covered up. Not because of race or religion, but because it centered around Cyril Smith. White.

          The sad fact is that like here, authorities have been grossly negligent at best in tackling any organised child abuse. In some cases they have been complicit in the abuse.

          Race may have played a part in Rotherham and other Northern towns, but then there are many other cases of organised abuse not related to race that were negligently handled by authorities. What about that culture? Why don’t we address that too instead of cherry picking the cases that suit our own bias.

          If there is a theme in these cases, its is involvement in abuse by those within a position of power and authority, not race or religion.

          But that may not suit everyone’s agenda, so best look for confirmation bias somewhere else.

  2. Mourning Ireland

    Glad you’re boycotting Irish Times “journalism” too.

    Can you get rid of the RTE promos too please.

  3. Spud

    Anyone else have to double take the Morning Star and wonder why attacks on Mosquitoes were on the up?
    I need my morning coffee…

  4. Topsy

    The Independent. “Yazidi women fighting Isis’ Those are real women & feminists. No Broadsheet whingers there.

  5. Dhaughton99

    I see the Indo are after taking the user comments facility offline. Where now am I going to read witty comments about criminals being out on bail?

    “Independent.ie Comments Facility

    INM has taken the decision to remove the commenting facility on its online platform Independent.ie to minimise the legal risk to our business that arises from Ireland’s draconian libel awards system.

    We continue to look forward to receiving comments through direct email contact or via social media, some of which may still be featured on the website Independent.ie”

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