15 thoughts on “It’s Becoming Self-Aware

  1. Dave

    These machines have been in Dublin Airport for years…nice to see Cork is catching up with modern technology

  2. Walter Ego

    The march towards a cashless society. And we blindly accept it, like good little simmered frogs.

    1. ahjayzis

      Have you seen the new plastic £ notes in the UK?

      Clearly designed to be so unpleasant to touch/handle that you don’t bother and just use cash. Vile plasticky shyte.

  3. bad@memes

    Unexpected Bill in Payment Area*.

    *courtesy of Big Brother.**.

    **Not the TV program. (If you thought that it was you aren’t in the demographic. You are the Bullseye).

  4. Digs

    Eh, the interweb already allows us to pay bills. These things will go the way of pay phones, clunky reminders of a simpler and more innocent time….

  5. :-Joe

    It’s a bit like the Oireachtas only more accessible, efficient and clearly… .useful.

    Buy some bitcoin, play around with it and get used to embracing the ever-changing present.


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