A Sneaky Rank


This afternoon.

Parnell Street, Rotunda, Dublin 1

Lord Wilmore writes:

Everyday I see these guys next to Cineworld, ready to pull in to the taxi rank outside the back of Penney’s on Parnell Street. it’s a double yellow and a cycle lane!

I‘ve never seen a clamper go anywhere near them.

Either let the cycle lane be used or get rid of it. I’m tired of whizzing in and out of lanes on my rothar!

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32 thoughts on “A Sneaky Rank

  1. Increasing Displacement

    ” I’m tired of whizzing in and out of lanes on my rothar”

    Cycle slower, then you won’t be whizzing…
    Get a moped
    Get a motorbike
    Get a car
    Get a cab
    Get a life

  2. dav

    It’s part of an unofficial truce between the authorities and Taxi drivers during the luas works, which have destroyed a number of taxi ranks on it’s route and hasn’t provided any replacements

      1. Increasing Displacement

        Do you think Taxis should just drive around using energy until they are needed?
        Having a known location is very handy.

      2. dav

        Short answer is no @fact checker. There are circa 20k to 30k registered taxis in Dublin alone. Granted they won’t be all working at the same time or even on the same day but your business model of having them driving around working off smart phone bookings is a tad naïve. A lot of drivers work off taxi ranks, be they ranks outside hotels, train stations, airports or even certain nightclubs in the city.
        The removal of ranks from the city centre is detrimental to both the drivers and to people who can go to a rank and get into a taxi.

  3. ZeligIsJaded

    I hope their wait isn’t insignificant, and that their eventual fare is to the Rotunda!

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        Pettiness mainly.

        I cycle every day in the city and this level of selfishness makes it very difficult.

        I would just hate to see any taxi driver benefit from it.

  4. Fact Checker

    What Ireland needs (or maybe just Dublin) is a corps of transport police.

    This would be something in between a traffic warden and a garda, with the following responsibilities:

    -tackling fare evasion on Luas
    -prosecuting mis-behaving cyclists
    -keeping taxi ranks from overspilling
    -fining errant parkers
    -keeping bus and cycle lanes clear

    As it stands An Garda Siochána is not interested in the humdrum stuff of keeping a city moving. Dublin City Council have outsourced everything to the clampers who tackle illegal parking very well but not much else.

    A traffic corps would be a separate entity and would need the powers up to and including arrest in these domains. Maybe 150 staff and three stations. It would make a big difference.

    1. Cian

      agreed – if their remit was extended to:
      – tackling fare evasion on DART and Busses
      – prosecuting jay-walking pedestrians
      – prosecuting red-light-breaking drivers

      Maybe 450 staff and 9 stations.

      1. GoddessDurga

        Confiscating cars of people holding mobile phones while at the wheel
        Blowing up cars of people caught over the drink limit
        Using stingers to catch drivers who race through changing light to “catch the green”
        Removing both kerb-side doors of cars whose drivers have close-passed people on bikes
        Making drivers of big trucks in the city centre get out and carry all their cargo on their backs
        Supergluing council workers to the potholes they don’t mend effectively

    2. Yowzah

      We could also do with double red lines on clearways wherby even pulling in gets you a insta-fine via cctv/reg plate.
      Ban on contra parking.
      And perhaps rethinking parking for commercials/ 15mins pickups/ day car parking etc – for the sake of the commercial and enjoyment future of the city

      1. wellness

        Taser for the wannabe Lance Armstrongs,easlily identifable by their love of lycra and helmet cameras.

        1. Cian

          I dunno. I propose that a law is introduced that allows *anyone* to taser a cyclist wearing lycra with a helmet cam.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I’ll second that.

            I was nearly knocked down by a cyclist on Francis Street last week while crossing the pedestrian crossing AND while the green man was flashing.

            And he then had the audacity to lecture me about not looking where I was going. I suggested he not break red lights and maybe remove his head from his sphincter.

            We parted ways under rather less than amicable circumstances.

    3. John

      What Ireland needs is a big picture plan that, facilitates, all modes of transport, that, people want to use. Oh and less obnoxiousness from the people on their moral high horses. Not referring to you FachChecker, btw.

  5. Dhaughton99

    It’s like the cycle lane outside National Radio Cabs on James’s st. They went and repaved the road and cycle lane 2 weeks ago and the cycle path is back to being a car park again today. 11 cars parked on it this morning.

    1. bad@memes

      That’s MY fault.
      I’ll refund you all the Baby-Sitting money you gave me.

      -It’s only fair.

  6. Expensive Chilean Merlot Drinker

    Public executions in Parnell Square. We must stop these abhorrent offences against our cycling community.

  7. Quackser

    Too many taxis trying to get on ranks…..
    Not enough taxis getting on ranks…..
    D`jever wonder if`n parked 5,000 Joe`s bumper to bumper they`d measure 15 km .(9.32 miles in +old money ).
    An d`jever look at the queue on a rank… 50 pax queuing in the space 4 taxis take up on a rank…. sure isn`t it the classic 6 lb sh*te into a 2 lb pipe scenario ?
    It`s no wonder me arse is in two halves !

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