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Lidija writes:


I bought a pan on website for €35. It arrived with sticker £25 (which is roughly €27).

As I hate the feeling of being ripped off (only few euros, I know, but still) I am going to have to return this. Can I get priced honoured? Is there protection in cases like this?


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  1. Jetpack Mc Nutter

    Apparently its in their T&Cs. UK companies simply don’t just apply the accepted exchange rate at the time but instead set an exchange rate of their own liking and charge accordingly. Something to do with protecting their profit margin and off setting the fluctuation of currencies (read rip you off) They all do it. Its probably cheaper to just buy in the Irish store or on the .i.e website

  2. Col

    I would imagine there is no protection as you paid the price as advertised.
    In future, get yourself a pre-paid currency card (Monzo or Revolut are good) and buy direct from the UK version of the website. Good rate, not “cross border fee”. You will have to pay for postage or else a Parcel Motel or similar, but should still work out cheaper.

    1. cluster

      Maybe 8 euro but that’s 30%!

      So maybe not a big deal on one purchase but it adds up. It is true that the UK chains have absolutely ripped off Irish customers for years but that shouldn’t mean we all accept it or stop pointing it out.

    1. Manny

      You sound like me when I feel ripped off by a big company. Last week I told our wheelie bin provider to stuff it (won’t go into reasons but they were bold) days later I had no option but to come back with tail between legs.
      I’ve cancelled direct debit with virgin media before for over charging – which they argued….have since moved to a house where virgin media were the only provider of acceptable internet. It’s tough being principled

  3. Increasing Displacement

    teflon fumes…why buy teflon when harder wearing less toxic alternatives are available?

  4. Jonjo

    It’s almost €29 when you take in the different VAT rates.

    Why are you returning it if you were happy paying €35 in the first place?

  5. Christopher

    Use Free delivery to Ireland for orders over £25 and you get the same prices as the UK.

  6. Barry the Hatchet

    Why do people continue to be surprised by this? It has been a well-known issue for years. And of course there’s no protection – companies can charge whatever they like for their products in different countries.

  7. The Dude

    Oh look – ‘Made in France’ clearly stated.

    This product was needlessly filtered through the Sterling area, significantly adding to the price by costs incurred with currency exchange. Seems evident the price was then rounded up – as the UK multiples generally do when selling to Paddy.

    The sooner Irish interests start trading directly with the other Eurozone countries, the sooner we will stop being fleeced by British interests. The topic should be covered properly by ‘Irish’ media, but they are very busy with ads.

    In the meantime, its best to generally boycott British multiples – unless one wants to be taken for a fool :-)

    Same issue the other day at another UK multiple –

  8. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    An Post have set up this new thingy that you can get your stuff delivered, using an English or American address so you don’t get switched to a .ie website, for €2.50 or something.

    I see M&S are getting a deserved thumping on the Irish Times today for price gouging Irish customers with their Christmas food. Not just that: meal deal is a tenner in the UK, €14 here. Cheeky.

    1. DavidT

      > An Post have set up this new thingy that you can get your stuff delivered, using an English or American address so you don’t get switched to a .ie website, for €2.50 or something.

      €3.50 last time I used it and – beware! – €25 if the item is bulky. This I found out to my cost with an item (a spare part unobtainable in this country) weighing around 50grams, over-the-top packaged and priced at £12.99……..

      Otherwise, it’s a useful service. You pays to learn.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I think it’s less when you get it delivered to your local post office: maybe that’s what I was thinking of.

        Yikes! Usually I’d be ordering clothes so hopefully I wouldn’t get nailed on the €25 cost…

        1. David

          It seems to be bulk rather than weight which attracts the €25 surcharge, so tell them to use minimum packaging and pack the clothes tightly.

          I got a stone carving, weighing possibly 8 or 10 kilos, sent for the €3.50 charge – collected at the designated PO – but a featherweight 30cm cube box got caught with €25 and had to be collected a distance away at the main sorting office.

  9. Weldoninhio

    You can’t get a refund for “principles”. You agreed to pay €35 for the pan, they charged you €35. There is no issue here. They’ll laugh at you, and rightly so.

  10. Anomanomanom

    These post are fupping idiotic. You don’t just go to a website see how much the exchange rate is on day and say “oh should only pay that”. Are people that stupid they think thats what they do. All other costs are added on Ireland is much more expensive than the uk

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