He Is Among Them


This morning.

Dublin City University.

Sleaze-soaked former US President Bill Clinton ahead of an honory doctorate for his hands on work with young graduates the peace process.


Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton: A money trail of sexual scandals (Washington Post)

Good times.

Pic: DCU


Hello you.

Bill Clinton (top) and Clinton Foundation donor Denis O’Brien (above) and Bill Clinton at DCU.


38 thoughts on “He Is Among Them

    1. Digs

      Welcome Mr President. What a consummate diplomat. Great to see him looking happy and well. A most charming man.

          1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            Hello. I watched/read a few people of a right wing persuasion say he’s a rapist. What are the details of this?

          2. Nigel

            He can’t tell you because the applied standard means Trump’s an even worse rapist and he spent the election monstering Clinton and has to pretend he’s happy she lost and pretend Trump doesn’t exist. Bill is a gross dirtbag, though.

  1. anne

    I read the orange chief sleeze bag saying he wasn’t surprised when he heard about the accusations about Weinstein… considering he’s had about a dozen women saying he sexually assaulted them, that was a tad hypocritical.

    1. upsydaisy

      Sigh…. never found guilty by a court of law on this charge.
      He may be a serial sleezebag with no ability to restrain himself from chasing women or accepting their advances and he definately has been accused multiple times of rape but never convicted.

      1. Anomanomanom

        neither was Jimmy saville. But we all know what he did. Also you dont pay out the money he did to women for just a slap on the ass.

        1. upsydaisy

          What women had money paid out to them in order to get them to drop a rape conviction?
          The only person paid I know of was Paula Jones and that was about inappropriate sexual behaviour, not rape.
          Just to make it clear – I think he is as dodgey as bloody hell and the 2 other women who accused him of rape are telling more of the truth than he is.

  2. Bacementjaxx

    He has never been convicted of raping anyone. He may be suspected and he very well may have done it but he has not been tried and never convicted of it.

    He has been impeached for lying to congress where his sexual partner was a willing participant.

        1. jusayinlike

          Bill Clinton was acquitted. The senate did not reach the 2/3’s majority needed to fully process his impeachment.

          To further break it down.

          Clinton was impeached by the House on two charges. The first being perjury, and the second being obstruction of justice.

          Following this he was acquitted by the senate.

        2. Casey_online

          Didn’t we have this discussion a few years ago too??

          There are 2 US houses involved in the impeachment and CONVICTION process. You are mixing up impeachment with conviction.

          Firstly, the House of Representatives will vote on each of the articles (4 in this case) to impeach the president. A simple majority is all that is necessary for an article of impeachment to be approved (each article lays out a charge against the president). Ergo, at this stage, each approved article is an impeachment.

          Then the vote goes to the Senate for trial. The chief justice of the Supreme Court presides. It takes a two-thirds vote from the Senate to convict a president on any count. Conviction is what removes the president from office and put the vice president in power.

          Clinton was impeached, just not convicted.

        3. Spaghetti Hoop

          My obsession with US Presidency trivia finally becomes worthwhile;

          TWO US presidents have been impeached, and neither were convicted of the charges filed against him; Andrew Johnston and Bill Clinton.

          TWO US presidents were almost impeached; John Tyler and Richard (Tricky Dicky) Nixon.


  3. Bacementjaxx

    Clinton and Trump are one and the same sort of dirtbag. If they see something they feel they are entitled to, they go for it irregardless of how the women feels about it. I say something as women are objects not humans with feelings worthy of consideration.
    This is why white men are thought of as being entitled, this expectation that you can just take what you want. It is the very basis of rape culture. There is no way these men should have to rape someone, they are rich and sucessful so it must be the women’s fault for leading them on by drinking / dressing / behaving in a certain way. Pigs the lot of them. Almost as bad are those that enable them including their employees, the media and the justice system.

      1. Bacementjaxx

        Are you really coming into a discussion bout the abuse of privilage, power and how that can lead to rape and going “but black men too”?

        Do you really want to play skin colour rape bingo points rather than be harroified at the tolerance and pandering to a sex pest?

        Who could have guessed that SOME formerlly oppressed races would mimic some of the worst characteristics of the people in power having gained some influence and affluence themselves?

        How about this – all men are rubbish. Happy now? Just give women the key to the world and let them at it. I’m a man and I think we are all a waste.

        1. Casey_online

          @Bacementjaxx – it’s ok. Some men are a waste of air but some of us are ok too. Apologies if I am getting this wrong but you sound like you have the horrors. Maybe get off the internet for a bit. do you have someone to talk to?

    1. rotide

      Lets not forget the people who read tumblr and twitter avidly and apply phrases like rape culture and ‘white men’ to societies where they do not apply.

        1. Nice Anne1

          Rape culture should not belong to ANY society but it is a part of every society. James Corden making a joke about Weinstein in the bath is rape culture – the trivialising of the actions of a rapist. The Sun sh1t8rag putting stories about women being attacked alongside pics of scantily clad women show this – this is the normalising of rape. Brock Turner getting off jail time because he had a promising future and his victim was drunk is rape culture.

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