26 thoughts on “Right So

    1. Duke de La Rochefoucauld

      I was thinking the same. Dublin prices in a backwater provincial city is absolute madness.

        1. Yep

          ▂▂╱┈ ▕▂▂▂▏
          ▉┈-┈┈ ▕▂▂▂▏


        2. Rapscallion


    2. emmy b

      That’s London prices! More than my double room in a two bed flat in zone 1 London! Even with the bills included. No en suite, in fairness, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay to not live in Cork.

  1. Steph Pinker

    The housing – and consequential – rental crisis [in Ireland] is a huge problem for many; why are some BS commenters making light of such an important issue? Are you all so comfortable existing in your myopic, virtual/ synthetic worlds, to the point whereby, you don’t realise [anymore] the negligence of decades of incompetent, manipulative, greedy and cynical politicians this country has – and still does – produce?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I reckon everyone knows it’s boo boo’d
      but just comes on here for the odd bit of craic
      it’s not like it’s breaking news or first post of its kind
      most unfortunately
      where’s the crying chair?
      it’s ridiculous it’s more expensive than Paris or London

    2. casey_online

      This post is not about homelessness, it is about a funny/strange ad for an expensive room in a shared house.

      If homelessness is a subject you are worried about, write a piece on it and submit it to the ‘sheet for publication.

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