16 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby

  1. kellma

    I’m wondering what it is for… I thought sous vide meant vacuum packing food and submerging it in a warm water bath…. Back to catering college for me…

    1. Matthew

      I’m pretty sure you’re right, but I think this wand is used to maintain the temperature of the warm water for really long periods of time.

  2. rotide

    I also have no idea wtf this does.

    I suspect this falls into Frilly’s area of expertise. Care to shed some light Frilly?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Arty Hipster boil in the bag

      I’ve enough kit in my gaff that doesn’t get used as it is

      although I must admit to being tempted by
      a precision no less
      Immersion Circulator

      what the Fhocal you’d need Bluetooth for

      batteries always worked for me

  3. Vote Rep #1

    It cooks meats wonderfully as long as you don’t mind waiting 12 hrs or so for it. Its like a slow cooker except for stuff that is not stew.

    What is with the title? “We’re Back, Baby”?

    1. rotide

      We’re Back Baby is the go to title for anything that smacks of a return to the ‘We All Partied’ era. Like cheap flights to NYC for the weekend, glossy housing magazines etc

      1. Vote Rep #1

        I get that but its just a variation of a slow cooker. Are slow cookers fancy? Or is it just that Bodger didn’t know what it was and thought it very fancy

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