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Balseskin Direct Provision Centre on St Margaret’s Road in Dublin 11

Movement Of Asylum Seekers in Ireland tweetz:

There is a mom with newborn in desperate need of a buggie, a baby cot and clothes for an 8 week old baby boy in Balseskin Direct Provision Centre. Please send us a message if you can help and we’ll connect you with the mom.


Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland


This morning.

Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2.

Leah writes:

A billboard for a new boutique hotel, in place of the old Parliament Hotel reflects the style (but with a little more clothing) of advertising used to promote the Belmayne development on the Malahide Road, during the height of the Celtic Tiger excess.

That development is now subject to the same poor building issues which affects so many of the homes built during that period….

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews