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This morning.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office figures show that residential property prices rose at the fastest annual rate in 17 months in December, up 2.2% year-on-year.

This comes after disruptions from an initial Covid-19 lockdown had halted seven years of unbroken growth.

House prices dropped as much as 0.9% in August but have been broadly stable for the last year or so.

Home prices rose 1.2% in Dublin in December, only the third time prices have increased in Dublin on an annual basis since July 2019.

Annual house price growth hits 17-month high of 2.2% in December (RTÉ)

Custom House Harbour, IFSC, Dublin 1 apartment property ad, unidentified source, 1994

Riverdance? Never catch on.’

Via Brand New Retro tweetz::

1994 advert. Custom House Harbour Dublin 1 apartments for sale. From £49k to £89k

Paul McDermott adds:

One sold for 445k in June!

Good times.

Brand New Retro


This morning.

Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2.

Leah writes:

A billboard for a new boutique hotel, in place of the old Parliament Hotel reflects the style (but with a little more clothing) of advertising used to promote the Belmayne development on the Malahide Road, during the height of the Celtic Tiger excess.

That development is now subject to the same poor building issues which affects so many of the homes built during that period….

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews


First Time Buyer writes:

It’s official we are back. And  by ‘we’ I mean homeowners and landlords

Two reports out today, one from the central bank to let us know that some people in Ireland are wealthier then they were during the boom thanks to the rapid recovery in house prices (**breaks out the Bolly**)

The other report from Daft.ie stating that for those unfortunate enough not to own a home that rents have risen by an incredible 70% and are now 23% higher than Celtic Tiger peak (**cries into avocado toast**)

We’ve moved from a country for developers to a country for landlords.

This madness must end.

Daft Rental Report

Irish households now wealthier than during the boom (Irish Times)