Into The Wild


What makes America great?

A stunning visual record on the road in Denver and the West Coast.

Ben Rogan writes;

A short video of a road trip taken by myself and a few friends this Summer. After 2 and a half months working in New York, we flew to Denver and spent 3 weeks travelling across the west coast of America. We got to see some truly amazing places and it still feels surreal to look back on! I hope you enjoy the video.

In fairness.

9 thoughts on “Into The Wild

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Denver isn’t anywhere close to “West Coast”. Perhaps an Oxford comma would help – “we flew to Denver, and spent 3 weeks travelling…”

    Denver is beautiful, by the way. Gets more sunshine days than Florida, but you’ll still see snow on the Rockies in May.

  2. Pants Factory

    Great video! Take me back to a similar road trip I did about 10 years ago. Denver, Glenwood Springs, Moab, Flagstaff, Vegas, Yosemite and San Fran. This video makes we wish I spent less time drinking and more time taking it all in.

  3. Andy

    Great video.

    It’s some country. Europeans don’t really get how big it is.
    Great place to drive. Highly recommend Utah/Arizona borders – some amazing national & state parks with sand stone landscapes you’ll not see anywhere else. Also, tons of Mexican & proper BBQ restaurants :)

    1. Ben

      Cheers Andy :) yeah, you really don’t until you’re there. If I get back, I’ll definitely take that on board!

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