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Damn American imperialism.

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Terminal 2 arrivals at Dublin Airport this afternoon


The European commission sent a list of questions to Government Buildings this evening on behalf of concerned EU citizens concerning Mandatory Hotel Quarantine (MHQ)/

In a statement to RTÉ News, the European Commission said:

“We understand that Ireland requires travellers coming from a “designated” country, irrespective of their nationality, to undergo a mandatory hotel quarantine.

The commission is looking into these measures as there are some concerns in relation to the general principles of EU law, in particular proportionality and non-discrimination.

“While quarantine and testing requirements are a national competence, nevertheless, when affecting citizens’ rights to free movement, such measures have to comply with general principles of EU law.”

EU raises concern about mandatory hotel quarantine (RTÉ)


This afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

American travellers are greeted by Irish Army soldiers and escorted to the Crowne Plaza Hotel for mandatory quarantine. USA was added to the list of covid ‘hot spots’ at 4am.

Bookings were temporarily paused yesterday as the Tifco Group of hotels have reached capacity. Those who have already made a booking are not affected by the pause.


Build a wall.

‘America’ (Duchas)

What makes America great?

A stunning visual record on the road in Denver and the West Coast.

Ben Rogan writes;

A short video of a road trip taken by myself and a few friends this Summer. After 2 and a half months working in New York, we flew to Denver and spent 3 weeks travelling across the west coast of America. We got to see some truly amazing places and it still feels surreal to look back on! I hope you enjoy the video.

In fairness.