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What makes America great?

A stunning visual record on the road in Denver and the West Coast.

Ben Rogan writes;

A short video of a road trip taken by myself and a few friends this Summer. After 2 and a half months working in New York, we flew to Denver and spent 3 weeks travelling across the west coast of America. We got to see some truly amazing places and it still feels surreal to look back on! I hope you enjoy the video.

In fairness.


Ah here.

Tom Moylan writes:

1889 cartoon in Puck magazine about immigrants whose violent backwards culture is incompatible with American society – the Irish..



Dylan Marron of online channel Seriously unboxes the newest and HOTTEST intangible ideologies on the marketplace.

Right in time for the holidays: a first look at the re-examination of the American liberal ideal!


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Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show delivered a solemn monologue to his audience last night in reply to the Charlestown church shooting in South Carolina.

America, in five minutes.

Charlestown Church Shooting Leaves Jon Stewart Jokeless (NBC News)

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130 toys guns suspended on the roof of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A pointed installation by artist Michael Murphy.