Savoy Scuffle


The magnificent Savoy 1 cinema

Further to news that The Savoy Cinema, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 intend to close their beloved Number 1 screen.

Tony Flynn writes:

I’m sure like me many of you have fond memories of seeing your first blockbuster there, also the fact that so many companies want to have their premieres there points to its unique standing in Irish cinema history.

There simply is nowhere else like it in the country for luxury and grandeur, we have enough soulless multiplexes as it is so come on folks let’s try change their mind before it’s lost to us forever.

Save the iconic Savoy Screen 01! (

Earlier: Stella!

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23 thoughts on “Savoy Scuffle

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Was using it regularly until last year. First-visit memory of watching ET and the oul fella snoring through it to fool the audience that it snores were additional alien communication.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      If you’re going to parody arguments that frighten you, it helps to understand what they mean. That said, it is Quite Funny seeing gormless slogan chanters make fools of themselves when they try and look down their nose at people and their ideas so actually, please continue. :D

  2. MG

    Regrettable what has been happening to the Savoy over the last couple of years. I go there less and less now as you just can’t be confident of getting a decent screen size unless it is Screen 1 (I used to like the old screen 2). I suppose Screen 1 has a big auditorium which is hard to fill for most showings.

  3. scottser

    the star wars trilogy, the spy who loved me, back to the future. man, i had some seminal birthdays at that cinema.

  4. Mike Baldwin

    I remember losing my phone down the back of the seat at the premiere of Raiders of the Lost Ark. sad day.

    1. Jonsmoke

      Really? You had a mobile phone in 1981? or did you disconnect your home phone and bring it with you for some strange reason?

  5. rotide

    I’ll never understand the sentiment associated with the Savoy. I miss the Ambassador a lot more than I’ll ever miss the Savoy. That balcony is sorely missed.

  6. Boj

    First movie in there was Inner Space…blown away! Last movie I was dragged to see was an Avengers one. Screen 13 I think, no joke, there was about 15 seats in the joint. Sweatbox!

  7. alatriste kid jensen

    I love the place but I went to liffey valley two weeks ago and was blown away by the quality of the screen.

    1. postmanpat

      Better than the Swan Cinema then. I saw Wind River there last month. “digital” (ohhhhhhh) projection!! You could see the pixels projected on the screen and that’s no exaggeration. The movie wasn’t even that good either. Also a good torrent came out last week so I could have just watched it on my 40″ for free, which is a bit of a sting to say the least.

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