25 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Clonakilty

  1. Otis Blue

    Clonakilty has flooded regularly over the years. In 2012, extreme rainfall and river flows inundated the centre of Clonakilty causing significant damage to properties and businesses. It is estimated that 105 private residences were impacted along with 170 commercial premises. More than ten of these incurred direct damage of over €40,000. Total damage was estimated at between €6-€7 million. Many premises can no longer obtain flood insurance.

    Here’s hoping the town escapes the worse.

  2. scottser

    Serious question, do ye fry or grill yer puddn?
    The granny always put it at the bottom of the grill pan so the grease from the rashers dripped down on to them.
    How you do your puddn says a lot about you. Frilly knows what I mean.

    1. Pat Kenny's wife

      Excellent question which I can answer
      You fry it in a little butter in a cast iron pan

  3. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Cork got a right batterin’ from Ophelia as well.
    At this rate I’m wondering if Cork will become a myth, similar to Atlantis.

  4. bad@memes

    How come this one is named after my arch-enemy Brian?
    I thought hurricanes were named alphabetically.

    Surely it should’a been called Peadar, or Paddy-Joe, or Patrick if you insist on being formal*.

    *Never call anyone Patrick when you’re in Cork. They’ll think you’re from Dublin. It won’t end well.

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