15 thoughts on “Acting The Maggot

  1. Mourning Ireland

    Funny? Because the inviolate bogsquad godhead of the GAA can be a platform to abuse women and provide support for paedos (Donal Og Cusack) and retain the Eight messages (Mickey Harte) they should be excused? This is not something to sell tshirts about. What next? A Che-like An Post stamp of Tom Humphries? Come on

  2. dylad

    I’ve sat through 6 episodes of ‘The Deuce’ and consequently find anything like this seriously depressing.

  3. King Alatriste Franco

    The Deuce is hard going. Funny t-shirt though. A che tom humphries would be in serious bad taste but actually it would make more fun of his great friends as he is a fine man that his heroic victim.

  4. jimmey_russell

    this is RAPE, there is no other word for it, I’m glad the gardai are investigating finally they are taking rape culture seriously.

  5. AvrilSacha

    Here is the not ok:
    The “event” was filmed
    The faces of the fine upstanding GAA lads was blurred out. The faces of the women was not.
    The whatsapp conversation between the lads told everyone to keep quiet about what happened.
    GAA being a family funded organisation – these lads may be coaches one day. Would not want any of them playing in front of or coaching my daughters.
    Ha ha women with their tits out, sure such is their role in life, tits out. Ha ha. Sure that is all they are good for. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Can I coach your daughters? Does she get her tits out?

  6. Dubhlinn

    The t-shirt makes the event into a joke. Trivialises it. Encourages the type of congenital fapper that feels entitles to “see bosom”. Even The Sun abandoned page 3 in 2016.

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