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Joe Brolly and Paeder Heffron

On Sunday, Joe Brolly in the Sunday Independent reported that a former PSNI  Police Service of Northern Ireland] constable was ‘ostracised’ by his GAA club after joining the force.

Paeder Heffron was left in a wheelchair following a dissident republican car bomb in 2010.

Mr Heffron said he was frozen out of games by Kickhams Creggan in County Antrim and ignored by teammates, with republicans ” approaching him in a changing room and handing him a leaflet warning of the dangers of joining the PSNI”.

Shayna O Neill writes:

The PSNI have opened recruiting as of October 23  this year. The aim of the PSNI is to have a balanced force of 50/50 Catholics/Protestants, under The Patton Report – currently it’s @15-25% Catholic,depending on which figures you are given, or believe.

Growing up, we had the RUC, who seemed to have a licence to unleash some form of justice against Catholics. I’m living back in the North of Ireland for a few years now, I have to say the PSNI seem okay.

The GAA have let one of their own down. I feel ashamed that I associate and am a member of the GAA.

Joe Brolly: Spurned, bombed and maimed by his own kind (

Pic: Presseye/Stephen Hamilton

13 thoughts on “Be There All The Way

  1. Happy Molloy

    Don’t feel ashamed for the actions of others Shayna.

    But I’d find it hard not to be very bitter if I was that man.

  2. JoeO

    I’m a member of the GAA. The people who ostracised and intimidated Peadar Heffron do not represent me or, I believe, the vast majority of GAA members. It’s a sickening story. The community Peadar Heffron grew up in has let itself down badly by allowing this to happen. I’m not an SF supporter but the majority of nationalists in the North are SF supporters and SF support the PSNI. It sickens me that no-one was willing to stand up to these hate-filled bully boy thugs.
    Peadar Heffron is an Irish hero.

  3. Otis Blue

    Brolly ships a lot of flak, but I like him.
    I don’t always agree with him but he’s got balls and conviction.

    Not a lot of that around.

  4. Frilly Keane

    This is a club issue
    Then it’s a County issue
    Then it’s an Ulster issue

    Wtf are ya at stitching us all into that ladypartlogy for
    You should know better Shayna

    And Joe Brolly wants nothing more than to have an issue he can get outraged at
    An’ting to make his Winter shorter

    Jesus Christ
    Brolly still blames the rest of the Country for his lone medal

    He’s like the middle child

  5. Paddy at the Howth Summit

    Which part of Sunday Independent didn’t you get? #agenda

    What kind of a name is “Brolly” anyway?

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