Hempkin Heads


The Hemp Company of Dublin staff, from left: Ferdia, Finn, Manu, Holly, John and Fabian

Further to the pot-shaped pumpkin post last week.

More details on the shopfront display in the Hemp Company, Capel Street currently wowing passers-by with a massive ‘erb engraved 189Kg pumpkin…

Fiona McGinty writes:

Grown by 87 year old Eugene Brady (top right) in Longford, it was hollowed out and the custom grimace was replaced with a cut-out hemp leaf motif instead.

Established since the early days of 1999, a time when Hemp meant drugs to most people, The Hemp Company of Dublin has seen many changes in public perception regarding hemp.

Passionate to the point of evangelism, the Hemp Company are opening a juice bar in its basement Hemp Museum this month to further promote the benefits of the wonder weed.

In fairness.

Hemp Company of Ireland


Last night.

RTÉ News.

Broadsheet writer and pumpkin farmer Tom Dillon on his Alright Pumpkin ranch [details below] in County Meath.

G’wan the mucky-palmed carving mogul.

Alright Pumpkin (Facebook)

10 thoughts on “Hempkin Heads

  1. scottser

    the sister in law got some pumpkins from tesco last weekend. they were already full of mould. their once proud grimaces reduced to a toothless gurn.
    tesco sucks.

    1. badatmemes

      Get over it.
      The King of the Pumpkins is very busy doing a terrific job…
      Lots of and people have said it, and he agrees…

      FAKE NEWS.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      Agreed Scottser – which makes their recent TV campaign re ‘donations’ of surplus food all the more poignant. Can you imagine the ‘hack’ of these donations?

    3. badatmemes

      At 12:50 today I saw a bloke putting 2 wheelie-bins on a burning but dwindling bonfire, surrounded by an audience of about 7 or 8 ‘preteens.’
      Then my bus arrived.

      Methaphors for life on Broadsheet.
      Part One in a series.

  2. badatmemes

    I thought you’d be much more concerned at there being a ‘Hemp Store’ on Capel St.
    There’s a few ‘sex’-shops on the same street, and Gaybars and other stuff even I don’t know about.

    Call yourself a troll rotide? Carry on… I troll trolls.

    I’ll carve you a new pumpkin…

  3. badatmemes

    When I was a kid Hallowe’en was all about fruit.
    We learnt how to spell ‘Hallowe’en’ properly but we didn’t know what a pumpkin was… and it didn’t matter.

    Just sayin’

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