12 thoughts on “First Light

  1. missred

    Same place that young girl had a banger thrown in her hoodie the other week and the little willies stood there laughing. Well, I suppose many parts of the city were the same. I had to run for cover going through Sheriff St

  2. Rugbyfan

    No doubt started by yougfellas in shorts. Shorts must be what King Scrote has dictated as the key fashion item for the season.

    1. Parky Mark

      Thank god I’m not the one noticing this. I thought it would stop once the weather got colder but it hasn’t and now they look even dumber.

  3. King Alatriste Franco

    I drove past it last night. it was frightening looking. I thought a house was on fire at first.

  4. Christopher

    I remember looking at an apartment for sale there last year- it was pretty obvious the entire area is a hive of antisocial hell- rubbish all over the roads and the usual unsupervised roaming hoards of teens in the middle of the school day. I didn’t even bother going in to see it.

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