Staying In Friday?


Ibrahim Halawa after his arrival in Dublin Airport last week

RTE writes:

“Ibrahim Halawa will appear on The Late Late Show on Friday night. He will be discussing his four years spent in an Egyptian jail awaiting trial, relating to a protest in Cairo, before his eventual acquittal on all charges; what it was like to finally be free to return to Ireland and what he intends on doing next.

“He joins Conor McGregor on the line-up for this week’s Late Late Show – the full line-up will be revealed tomorrow.”

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35 thoughts on “Staying In Friday?

  1. andydufresne2010

    It looks like Katie Taylor was welcomed by a handful of fans last week at the Airport. Ibrahim Halawa was met with a huge media presence when he landed. That seems wrong to me. Why wasn’t she all over the media? There were a few stories as far as I could see.

    1. andydufresne2010

      This is purely a question about the difference between how they were received at the airport by the way in case anyone decides to see it as something else

      1. Andrew

        Katie isn’t minority enough or brown enough for the media luvvies.
        The weakest interviewer in Ireland will ask no hard questions.

      2. Jockey

        I haven’t picked up on what you’re getting at.. but anyways, I saw plenty of headlines in the sports pages about Katie, and well deserved too. But these are incomparable, two different stories

        One is general news and the other is a Sports headline for the sports pages. One announced their landing time and place to celebrate, the other probably wants to get on with her job of being a professional boxer.

        1. bisted

          …one gets jailed for engaging in peaceful protest against a military coup…the other engages in inflicting actual physical harm…two different stories…the only thing they have in common is that they are both Irish citizens and religious fundamentalists…

          1. Jockey

            Yeah agreed, except that’s a weird way to talk about professional boxing. I haven’t been interested in learning about her religious beliefs. I like her only as a talented boxer.

          2. bisted

            …you’re right…a couple of miles up the road and he would be in occupied Palestine and they would have shot first…

      1. Rugbyfan

        was just adding the bit that is always there when a late late preview is posted. Nothing racist at all there Mr.Troll!

  2. Custo

    I look forward to seeing McGregors Late Late apology for his recent homophobic comments. I hear it’s eloquent and from the heart.

    1. Jockey

      I’m really confused. I’ve seen this on my social media already, so I assumed it happened on last week’s show.

      So it’s a pre-recorded interview is it, to be shown on this Friday’s show?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        There’s a bit right after the apology where he puts Tubridy in a headlock and tugs furiously on his scrotum. That’ll be worth seeing.

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      I’ve seen it. It is not eloquent or from the heart. It was defensive. He clearly believes he did nothing wrong. He said people look for any excuse to have a go at him and that people are acting like he shouted it at two blokes kissing. He said he campaigned for gay marriage when all he said publicly on the matter was a single tweet. Basically, it wasn’t an apology at all.

      1. newsjustin

        He says he’ll apologise for using the F word when you apologise for using the M word Moyest.

        You’re right. It wasn’t an apology at all.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          I’ll do that when you apologise for your advocacy of the religious suppression of women.

  3. munkifisht

    Gotta love the bigotry of BS now a days. Lad was on holiday in Egypt when the Arab spring happened, police beat him, wouldn’t let him see a lawyer, was denied medical treatment for a gunshot wound to his hand following his arrest, and as a result, his hand is now permanently disfigured, was facing the death penalty in a mass trial of 494 people and after being acquitted of all charges following four years in detention he comes home to a bunch of scumbag islamophobes. Shameful and disgusting comments.

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