This morning.

Dublin Airport.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


This morning.

Dublin Airport Terminal 1

Ibrahim Halawa returns after four years in a Cairo prison accompanied by his sister, Nosayba and the Irish Ambassador in Egypt Seán O’Regan.

Mr Halawa, from Firhouse, Tallaght in Dublin was arrested when he was 17-years-old with his three sisters, Omaima, Somaia and Fatima in August 2013 following protests against the military coup in Egypt.

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Earlier: Coming Home

Pics via Sean Defoe

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40 thoughts on “Ibrahim Home

  1. Weldoninhio

    A whole 6 people there to self-promote, i mean welcome him home. Amazing considering the papers, websites etc were telling up of the huge support he had/has.

    1. Gimme Shelter

      apparently not

      According to some you now have to face trial by keyboard warrior with a possible sentence of death by coma-inducing stereotyping

  2. RuilleBuille

    I hope he integrates well back into his family and social circle. It won’t be easy for him after his dreadful experience.

    However, the media really have to ask the obvious questions. Where does he stand on the Muslim Brotherhood? Why did he speak at a MB rally in Cairo?

    1. Anomanomanom

      You cant ask those questions and if you do then your racist. Has broadsheet do gooders not informed you of this yet.

    2. Weldoninhio

      I’d also ask,

      1. what did you use to fix your hand? His sisters had told us that he had a gunshot wound that the Egyptian authorities refused to treat and had deformed his hand.

      2. What hunger strike method was he using? He’s quite the chunky hunger striker.

      3. What express postal service were you using that allowed you to write letters, cards etc. and have them smuggled out of prison in pristine condition, and get them delivered to Ireland the very same day??

      4. Have you gotten your debilitating heart condition, again raised by the sisters, sorted out yet??

  3. Henry Woods

    Zappone is the most naughty person.
    Bad enough she imports ‘refugees’, want’s abortion on demand as Minister for Children but welcoming a muslim boo boo with open arms is a pitiful low.
    And shame on this silly site for applauding it.
    I’d done with you.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      Cheerio, dude.

      Zappone is also a notorious grammar nazi: the word you were looking for is “wants”.

      P.S. “abortion on demand” just isn’t a thing.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Buh bye!

      Funny how people always bleat on about” the Halawas want to throw gays off buildings” with Shakira law (her hips don’t lie!) and there they are with one of Ireland’s most prominent gay women, happily embracing her!

      Great to see him home. I hope he recovers from the trauma of the last few years and has a great life.

  4. Gimme Shelter

    You really have to marvel sometimes at the hatred and vitriol that spills out of a few saddoes on this blog

    see above.

  5. alatriste kid jensen

    What is Ibrahim’s position on Lesbianism? his dad isn’t much of a fan. I’m glad that he has been released. I think his sisters are particularly inspiring individuals.

  6. Liam Deliverance

    I’m glad he has been released despite his affiliations, prison without fair trial is no way to treat a person. The ball is firmly in his court now, what will he do now, what has he learnt, what insights can he pass on to others in his community. Does he see Ireland as his home, to be protected and respected or will Egypt draw him back to her. To be fair he was only a 17 year old boy when he went over there, presumably with his old mans words echoing in his ears. He returns a man, wiser to the world as a whole. Peacemaker or Upstart, the choice is yours Ibrahim. Don’t expect an easy life if you choose the latter. I’d suggest fading into obscurity would be the way to go here but when you have already tweeted your arrival time to Dublin Airport I would wonder how much you, and your sisters, have really learnt. Peace.

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