What Is This That Stands Before Me?



Two weeks ago, with a Golden Discs voucher worth 25 euros on offer, we asked you to name a song that gives you the chills.

You answered in your spooked out dozens.

But there could be only one scary winner.

In reverse order then…

Pink Floyd – Echoes

Boj writes:

While not exactly scary, I am always creeped out in a good way by Pink Floyd – Echoes because the sections of the song have a building level of menace. Earphones, dark room, *optional* mind-altering substance of choice and Echoes….ah thank you! My hipster buds tell me it would completely blow my mind on vinyl but I think I’ll be grand with me Discman (if I stay very still).

Ludo – ‘Love Me Dead

Elizabeth writes:

Starts out sounding like a kid’s nursery rhyme sung by a fresh faced nice looking young man and goes via screaming guitars to a very dark place lyrically. Who could not failed to be charmed with these lines?

You suck so passionately
You’re a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature
Finger-bangin’ my heart
You call me up drunk
Does the fun ever start?
You’re hideous and sexy!

The video is probably NSFW (enjoy!)

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Otis Blue writes:

While not exactly scary, I’m always creeped out in a good way by the Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus because a ludicrously overblown goth standard never gets old. Even if I have.


Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim

Walter Ego writes:

While not exactly scary, I am always creeped out in a good way by The Host Of Seraphim, From Dead Can Dance because Lisa Gerrard’s ethereal voice just haunts and sends shivers down the very pit of your soul. ’


Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Gorugeen writes:

While not exactly scary,I am always creeped out in a good way by Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath because the storm and tolling bell intro followed by [Tony] Iommi’s pure metal riff pull the listener into the dark gloom. Ozzy then lays on a thick layer of dread with his almost dreamy lyrics. The figure in black is now pointing at the listener.

Ozzy beseeches “Oh God no” and we’re right there with him in the dread. Now we start to run, Butler, Ward and Iommi erupt a rollicking dirge. We truly get our mosh on. It’s got it all. Horror, tension, dread, gloom and volcanic riffs. Creepy but sort of scary and loads of fun…

Thanks all.

Golden Discs

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    1. Walter Ego

      Indeed it is. A friend of mine once borrowed my dvd of it to show a friend of hers who was dying of cancer. She said it gave her peace with the world. Sadly she passed away but i’m glad it helped her in her hours of need. A truly remarkable spiritual film.

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