Staying In Tonight?



On RTE One, at 9.30pm.

Following a six-month undercover investigation, RTE Investigates: Nightmare will expose dangerously overcrowded accommodation in the private rental sector.

The programme makers found one building contained more than 60 tenants, while another had more than 40 tenants.

Three buildings, in Crumlin, Kilmainham and Rathmines, have since been closed.

Further to this…

RTE reports:

A company providing services to foreign students has withdrawn High Court proceedings aimed at stopping portions of an RTÉ programme to be aired tonight.

The programme, which investigates standards in the private rental sector, is to be shown on Prime Time.

Lawyers for Green Effect Technology, trading as Global Academics, told the court this morning that they were not proceeding with their application.

The matter was struck out by Mr Justice Paul Gilligan.

Attempt to stop RTÉ broadcast on accommodation withdrawn (RTE)

Pic: RTE

18 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

    1. Nigel

      There was a newspaper story about a slum-like set-up a few weeks ago, too, wish I could remember where. There’ll be a lot more of this.

      1. Nigel

        February, after a story from January:

        This is the one I was thinking of:

        ‘The properties are located in Blackrock, Rathmines, Dundrum, Shankill, Ranelagh, Rialto, Clontarf and Tallaght.’

        We are walking backwards into Hell.

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I prefer watching gentle stuff like Landscape Artist of the Year on Sky. This kind of telly is too much after a day at work. Best to ignore it and carry on, like a good citizen.

  2. Andrew

    Will there be prosecutions? Will anyone be held to account? Do the Gardaí investigate or who is responsible for policing this? Maybe someone else can enlighten me on that.
    I don’t watch television, but I hope there will be something in it to suggest that someone will be held accountable.

    1. realPolithicks

      “Will there be prosecutions? Will anyone be held to account? Do the Gardaí investigate”

      I assume these are rhetorical questions. Nothing ever happens in Ireland, it’ll be a story for a couple of days then disappear again.

    2. anne

      As Leo The Early Riser would say, “if you have any evidence of wrong doing off ya trot to the guards”..

    1. anne

      was every driver in the country supposed to have been breathalised? they must have houdini powers? There’s how many drivers in Ireland..1.3 or 1.5 million is it & they breathalised um all? lol

  3. Francis almond

    this is a country for people who get up early in the morning. not for the likes of these oiks

    1. scottser

      while i have heard it said that the early bird gets the worm, it is no less true that the second mouse gets the cheese.

  4. hugh_mungus

    I’m watching this now, this shower is awfully entitled. they need to get up earlier in the morning and go out and get a proper job that pays enough for a decent place to live.

  5. Christopher

    I watched this and turned it off- it ignored the simple fact every single one of the people living in this “squalor” chose to do so. Why? Because they only wanted to pay €250 a month in rent. It’s a simple as that really- no one was forced to live like that- if you cannot afford to live in the city you move out of it. And the lady who lived in a tip for 8 years and then took her landlord to court and won €6,000 was ridiculous- she renewed her lease EVERY YEAR despite her supposed suffering.
    The rental situation is a complete joke in Dublin but hovels like these serve a portion of our population who cant/ wont pay the going rate.

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