Warriors, Come Out To Play


The Echo Chamber

Fearless and authentic social justice warrior Izzy Kamikaze (top left) joins Tony Groves (top right) and Martin McMahon to discuss the impact made by her friends, historian Catherine Corless and the late Dara Quigley.

The Echo Chamber


Martin McMahon’s image of Dara Quigley mentioned on the podcast.

11 thoughts on “Warriors, Come Out To Play

      1. Warden of the Snort

        Oh man you can hum that one. I suppose you can say Twitter is having a moment now with the President of no less a place than the entire United States plunging that country even further into an abyss with his dismal and depressing outpourings. I always think of Twitter of a bag of cats about to be drowned, a few of them will figure out this is unusual, being in this bag, and start to miaow, others will scratch them and try going at them with their tails, after a while it all starts to stink and look and sounds like one big dirty pus…

  1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Could be wrong, but I think this is the first time Dara is mentioned in a BS post since ‘that unpopular editorial decision.’
    Fair play BS, at any rate. Tentative first steps after what must have been an divisive/awkward period for JR and co. Takes guts to come back to it.
    BS can still do some good about this, imo. Her case really should be revisited/highlighted. Reading the details of it, it’s shocking, and I don’t see much coverage of it anywhere.

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