36 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

      1. Frilly Keane

        I dunno
        But ‘tell ya wha’ tho
        That thing on that lads face there on the Star is unnatural
        Tis like a bitta car mat

          1. badatmemes

            The girls are worse than the boys.

            – Not just because Clampers keeps on saying it…
            …because the girls keep on listening to him too.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            you mean worse in a better kind of way naturally
            top tip.. cut a little v shape into toes no more ingrown issues ;)

          3. badatmemes

            When Blondie released an album called ‘Eat To The Beat’ people in France fell off their chaises.

            I don’t know why I said that.
            It isn’t funny.

          4. badatmemes

            I’m bored.
            My lover has been over two hours at the off-license. I don’t think she’s coming back.
            – Mind you, she was ‘on foot’, and she has difficulty walking.

            I’m going to cut me toe-nails.

          5. badatmemes

            I’m writing a new book.
            It’s called, strong>’Moderation… How to push it to the limit and get away with it.’

            It’s the follow-up to my other book, ‘Why Am I In Moderation?’, which nobody read.

            silly, mods.

          6. badatmemes

            I left out a ‘<'.
            I feel like an idiot.
            (First time EVER!!!)

            Where is this 'Edit Function' you keep making us dream of, eh?
            – Get your priorities right.

            People don't call you BS for nothing.
            Abbreviation is abbreviation, Subliminal suggestion is funny.

            It isn't a joke.

          7. badatmemes

            If I were Clampered I’d revel in the fact that I could see the colour of my own pee.
            – Not a lot of girls are acrobats, fewer are Russian gymnasts, but the view from a boo boo…

            It isn’t worth it.

  1. Catherinecostelloe

    Would it not be right and proper to advise new applicants for social housing in Dublin that the list is closed for the foreseeable future, possibly 3 years or more? What is the point in applying if you know you have to wait 50 years for a social house there? I do believe if you are Dublin born fair enough but to unemployed clogging the system alternative counties should be offered , made mandatory and it would reduce the waiting lists. We can’t always get what we want , if refused, then Dont expect help towards rent.

    1. hugh_mungus

      so.. if your unemployed you should get shipped off to another county away from friends and family and an even smaller jobs market?

    2. badatmemes

      Calm down Huge Mongous.
      What Caterwauling Mcdoodle said is that you should expect to wait at least three weeks years..

      Oh yeah, and Kill The Poor while you’re at it…
      …sure why not? You have plenty of time…

    1. Lilly

      That’s really not fair Catherine. You have to give people the opportunity to get back in the game. If they want to go and live in Leitrim, fine, but otherwise they run the risk of getting trapped in a situation that they may never be able to turn around.

  2. badatmemes

    In 2001
    A Life code:
    It pays to talk to no one.
    Proliferating across the earth.
    Also Sprach Zarathustra
    Faction Europa
    Free Range.
    Also Sprach Zarathustra
    Proliferating across the earth
    Pressure guilt
    Grudge match
    12 cm flak unit
    Range 1 stroke 35
    This is the spring without end
    This is the summer of malcontent
    This is the winter of your mind
    By 2001
    Also Sprach Zarathustra
    It pays to talk to no one
    Europa, faction
    Proliferating across the earth
    Free Range
    This is…

    This is a song about chickens…

    1. Catherinecostelloe

      Admiring the moon tonight Memes?! I think its gone beyond ridiculous the wait for social housing and I am only suggesting instead of despairing and if jobless move to another county. There are so excellent thriving towns , have a look around, just do not despair , look at options.

      1. badatmemes

        Yeah, right…
        …Say goodbye to everyone you know, family and neighbours… sure who knows, you might get to see them again, at a funeral or a wedding, or something…
        … Say goodbye to the stability you try to instill in your children.” Your new school is the same old, same old old-school, here’s your lunch… see you at 8pm…

        I gather that I might be older than you, you and your new-fangled ideas.
        – You know what’s wrong, so you go on Facebook.

        You’re no better than me, and I’m very drunk.

      1. badatmemes

        My trolley has departed from my undercarriage.
        I don’t give a thruppeny-bit.

        Why do ALL the best bands come from Manchester?
        The Fall
        The Happy Mondays
        The Smiths
        The Buzzcocks
        The Joy Division
        The one and only John Cooper-Clarke.

        There’s obviously something wrong with the rest of the world.

        As soon as you think you have a grip Pete Waterman throws you a curveball like this;

        ‘Convicts are out, and Security are in’

          1. badatmemes

            Here’s a tip, if you want to be hip…
            Search YouTube for ‘Pilooski Edit’.

            You can’t go wrong.
            Trust me.

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