Bob Geldof receiving the freedom of the city of Dublin at a ceremony at the Mansion House in March , 2006; Aung San Suu Kyi pictured with a portrait gift presented to her at an Amnesty International event in her honour at Grand Canal Square in Dublin, 20012



Geldof to return freedom of Dublin in Suu Kyi protest (RT√Č)

Statement via Gavan Reilly

31 thoughts on “Take It Back

  1. conski

    Dear Lord Mayor, this is why we need a directly elected Lord Mayor of Dublin.
    Plus I find it ironic that the Sinn Fein Lord Mayor of Dublin bears the honoury chains that have King William of Orange on them, something that would have grossly insulted the men and women who died in the Rising.

    1. push the button

      The word is honorary

      I find it deeply ironic that people write random BS on this when they don’t even appear to have basic spelling skills

      1. Stephen

        Muphry’s law is an adage that states: If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written.

  2. Rugbyfan

    Fair play Bob! All the other jump on the bandwagon free the saintly crowd tend to forget that power corrupts!

  3. RuilleBuille

    I thought our Ardmheara spoke well on the matter.

    Gelldof is only interested in Geldof. See how he built a media empire for himself on the back Band Aid.

  4. gorugeen

    So no more of Bob’s sheep grazing on the green. More grass for Ang sans. Bet ya she’ll say they’re ethnic migrants, with rights etc. So there

  5. ahjayzis

    He’s an awful dose.

    Let’s examine the roll of names of his fellow Lord Captain Commanders Temporal Fantabulous of Her Majesty’s Most Finest Taste The Difference Range of silly boo boos and see if there’s anyone he might object to enough to lose his bauble.

    He’d really sicken your botty – can we revoke his citizenship ?

  6. Eoin

    Why is nobody talking about what’s actually happening over in Myanmar? Nobody seems to be asking why she is not condemning the ‘genocide’? The Muslims have been attacking villages trying to drive out the local population claiming it’s their land now by the will of Allah. The Budhists are merely infidels. This most recent trouble kicked off when Muslim gangs raided police arsenals to grab guns and killed the officers in charge. Prior to that they’ve had to make do with clubs, machetes and petrol to threaten local people out of their homes. How is this any different to how ISIS have acted? Explain that one…Sir Bob. Of course our news feed just shows the Muslim women and children caught up in this mess, because the first victims of Islam are Muslims. No explanation as to why the generally decent people of Myanmar have turned against them of course. Sir Bob is doing little more than virtue signalling. And Live Aid did bugger all for the starving too seeing as most of it went to warlords and armed gangs who then sold the aid on. Stay outta things you don’t (or can’t be bothered to) understand.

  7. Daoud

    It’s clearly a cynical ploy on Geldof’s part because Suu Kyi may also have the freedom of Dublin, but she also has arms, legs and eyes, but we don’t see Geldof offering to give any of his back.

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