Between YOUR Buns


Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s ‘Bacon Pasterella’


Last week, with a FIFTY EURO voucher to spend at any of the three Gournet Burger Kitchen  locations including, South William St, South Anne St, Temple Bar, Liffey Valley and Swords Pavilions.

We asked you to create a burger worthy of the title ‘gourmet’.

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only one winner.

In reverse order then…

Gorugeen: “My burger i shall call the Nemo and it shall consist of a 1/4 pounder containing Chipotle’s, topped with chopped smoked salmon, capers,sliced black olives, aioli and a lightly toasted blaa bun. I’m hungry.”

Janet, I Ate My Avatar: “My burger I shall call the mutton dressed as lamb meltdown, consists of a minced lamb patty mixed with methi, cumin, tumeric, ginger and cracked black pepper lovingly embraced in a sweet spinach, spring onion, tomatoe and fresh coriander salade and put to bed in a sourdough bap… goats cheese optional.”

Sarah: “My burger, I shall call the Hanky Panky, it consists of a panko crumbed chicken breast sandwiched between melted whorls of compte cheese and sweet and yet sour dirty slaw, topped with creamy whipped avocado and a girthy slice of beef tomato. Weep with satisfaction once it hits that spot.”

edalicious: “My burger, I shall call the Tarte Flamburger, consists of a beef patty on ciabatta bun with a tarte flambé style sauce, made from cheese, creme fraiche and bacon, with either mustard or apricot jam. You’ll probably need to serve it with a large side salad to give some kind of semblance of a balanced meal.”


Naomi: “My burger, I shall call ‘The Rib Tickler’, consists of large, toasted brioche buns, garlic mayo, young spinach leaves, parmesan cheese, tomato relish and onion marmalade, lashings of fresh-off-the- bone BBQ rib pork topped off with caramelized red onions and a smattering off crispy iceberg lettuce leaves, a few slithers of mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes.”


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14 thoughts on “Between YOUR Buns

      1. Brother Barnabas

        No. It was the ginger that swung it for me. I like ginger a lot. I’d probably opt against the goats cheese, though. Find the flavour dominates things a little too much.

  1. Frilly Keane

    tell ye wha
    I never hurd of most a’ the stuff ye’ve with yere burgers


    cheese’t night

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