Are you ‘that’ guy/girl?

Stop crying inwardly.

‘Talk like Paddy: Communicate – both in written and verbal form – in the brand tone. Whether that’s when you’re writing one of the PP columns, composing a press release quote attributable to Paddy Power, or off-the-cuff while appearing on television or radio.

…One minute you’ll be putting together a press release reacting to the latest breaking news, the next collaborating with our busy trading room floor to answer a media enquiry, and the third you’ll be supporting Mischief activities around the major calendar events…’

Paddy Power PR and mischief maker (Linkedin)

9 thoughts on “Bantergeddon

  1. Odockatee

    You may also have to play a cruel joke at an Irish strikers expense trying to make him a national laughing stock by offering odds on him getting a shot on target all in the brand tone


    Wonder if it’s the type of place the lads go for work drinks at on a thursday to discuss the granny smiths on jane in the blanch branch

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      That’s called the ‘bantz brigade’ I’ll have you know.

      Only the wittiest of men may apply.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Of course.

          There’s a lad called Garreth I work with who I think needs to be included.

          He’s all about ‘top bantz’ and ‘The Lads’, and in the ironic way either.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Reads like a 14 year old a on FB who lists”Manager at Hollister ” as his occupation.

    Pwoper bantz, innit!!

  4. Dough Berman

    I used to work there in Ayrton Road. It was like something had filtered down from the marketing department, there was this kind of dutiful edginess to interactions.

    To explain: there’s a thing gaming companies do when a scheduled poker tournament is about to begin. They send out a message that appears to everyone logged in to the site stating the time and other details. At every other gaming company I ever worked at, that process was called ‘blasting’. “Don’t forget to blast the $5K R+A at a quarter to,” you might tell someone. At PP, and only at PP, it was called ‘pimping’. Second worst job I ever had.

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