Absolutely Nothing To See Here


From top: Former Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan; former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald; and Sgt Maurice McCabe


In The Sunday Times.

John Mooney reported:

“The Disclosures tribunal has been given official notes of conversations between Nóirín O’Sullivan, the former garda commissioner, and senior gardai. They outline the strategy she adopted when dealing with whistleblower Maurice McCabe at the O’Higgins Commission.”

The contemporaneous records show O’Sullivan did not instruct lawyers to question McCabe’s integrity. Instead she asked them to question the motivation and credibility of allegations he was making about garda colleagues.”

Claims that O’Sullivan had instructed lawyers to question McCabe’s  integrity were based on selected transcripts from the commission, which were leaked to newspapers.

“It was suggested she was telling lawyers to challenge McCabe’s integrity in private while publicly commending him for speaking out against wrongdoing.

“O’Sullivan’s legal team subsequently clarified that they had been asked to challenge the whistleblower’s “motivation and credibility”.

“It is understood O’Sullivan was interviewed in private session by Charleton’s investigators last week.”

Notes show ex-garda chief’s strategy in McCabe inquiry (John Mooney, The Sunday Times)

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May Day


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8 thoughts on “Absolutely Nothing To See Here

  1. Catherine costelloe

    Colm Smyth SC told Judge Higgins on behalf of O Sullivan his instructions were” to challenge the integrity of Sgt Mc Cabe and his motivation”.
    When O Sullivan was due to give evidence Mr Smyth’s tactics changed. “The problem now is that his motive is under attack, credibility is under attack from the Commissioner but not his credibility”
    So what changed? Maurice had produced a transcript of a meeting with two garda, that’s what happened. Maurice blew them out of the water with truth. Dont take us for fools.

  2. Catherine costelloe

    O Sullivan could not have possibly have had a
    ” contemporaneous ” diary entry of the o Higgins hearing on the day Maurice’s ‘ integrity” was questioned.
    She would have to have been present at the hearing to make a ” contemporaneous ” diary entry . A subsequent diary entry is more accurate, unless of course, she can be in two places at same time.? Its nonsense!

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