Meanwhile, In Clongriffin


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and  Joella Dhlamini unveil the stone to mark 84 new social homes Clongriffin, Dublin Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy at left

This morning.

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar unveiled the foundation stone for 84 new social homes Clongriffin, Dublin.

Moments later…




Joella Dhlamini spent World Children’s Day with An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, as part of UNICEF’s Global #KidsTakeOver initiative

RTE reports:

A teenager from Drogheda is to give the Taoiseach a graphic account of the everyday racism she experiences in Ireland.

Joella Dhlamini, who is originally from South Africa, was chosen by UNICEF to represent the views of the children of Ireland after she entered a competition to describe the one change for children she would like to see.

The teenager, who was born in Soweto, in Johannesburg, wrote about the racist abuse she and her family have encountered since moving to Ireland three years ago.

Drogheda teen to tell Taoiseach of racism she experiences (RTE)

Top pics: Sam Boal/Rollingnews

42 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Clongriffin

  1. Increasing_Displacement

    “fell over and smashed”

    All by itself?
    No one to blame

    Newsflash: Laws of physics gone

  2. dav

    84 houses I wonder if that’s the norm for other comparative European countries? Do their governments produce so little in their efforts to fight homelessness??

    1. Nuala Mc Namara

      According to CSO/Census’16 the increase in housing stock between 2011-2016 (5years)was only 8,800!

    2. Rob_G

      Actually we compare quite well in terms of homelessness compared to other countries. But when Leo pointed that out, many commenters here lost their poo altogether.

  3. john

    I wonder if I moved to South Africa if I would be chosen as a representative of the people of South Africa in three years time?! She’s described as a ‘Drogheda teen’ – she only moved there three years ago!

    1. b

      “A teenager from Drogheda is to give the Taoiseach a graphic account of the everyday racism she experiences in Ireland.”

      don’t have to look far, eh John?

      1. john

        And the winner is!!!
        She lives in Drogheda. I lived in Toronto for five years, didn’t make me ‘from’ Toronto.

        1. Nigel

          Yes it does. You go anywhere now, you’re going there ‘from’ Toronto. Toronto is the place to which you will go back when your day is done. You may be ‘originally from’ somewhere else, but you’re John From Toronto now.

          1. dav

            John doesn’t want anybody different to him being described as “from Drogheda”. He must fear such people.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Dude 18 years in Paris makes me from there, Irish citizen or not
            people here move and think to a different beat
            that kid is a teenager those 3 years are significant and formative she is probably more Irish than me
            and anyway no one makes friends in Toronto , it’s a cold heartless city obsessed with the dollar and being didn’t pick that last part up, but integration is tough there

  4. Murtles

    Hehe the irony. Broken like all the other housing promises. Probably take 10 years to build those 84 houses by which time I’ll bet the initial cost will have tripled.

  5. Monkey Harris

    Why is no one reporting on the fact that these houses were going to be built for private sale by Gannon Homes either way, pretty affordable for first time buyers & renters etc.
    The Iveagh Trust come in & bulk buy them, for social housing which is greatly needed, however this is taking them out of the hand of the first time buyers, thus reducing the number of houses available to first time buyers which inevitably pushes up prices.
    The AHB’s are doing this everywhere on private developments in working class areas, making it near impossible for people who can afford to buy in the area they grew up in. Leo & “sleeves up” go around Ongar, Clongriffin like they are single handedly building houses, solving the housing crisis, its sickening.
    Don’t get me wrong both social housing applicants & first time buyers should have access to housing but this government model to continue to not build houses on their own land is pushing prices up that they’re paying via AHB’s, buyers are paying & inevitably renters & reducing access for the latter two.

    1. Cian

      I agree that the State needs to build more houses in it’s own right; however, once they start doing this they are going to outsource the actual building to – well – builders. These builders will be too busy building social housing to build private housing.
      We will end up with the same problems as you describe above.

      1. Monkey Harris

        They’ll outsource the building to contractors like Sisk, ABM etc. same as most public contracts for schools, hospitals etc.
        But They are now buying off Private Builders such as Gerry Gannon, Seamus Ross, Ray Grehan who buy & build on their own land or land controlled/financed by banks, vultures, NAMA, these builders aren’t too busy to build social housing, they just won’t. It’s quick wins for the Gov in terms of homelessness especially if it’s NAMA controlled but as I said leaves the 1st time buyers out & pushes up house prices.

  6. Eoin

    And next week Leo will be virtue signalling with members of the LGBTQ ‘community’ cos they’ve got to deal with homophobia etc. every day. Tired of this crap already.

  7. Shayna

    No broken stone shall be left unturned. It perhaps doesn’t bode very well for the craftsmanship of these new dwellings.

      1. Shayna

        Certainly a missed opportunity, however, 20ish times a day, Bodger must be altogether spent? (Coming up with headlines, that is!)

  8. GiggidyGoo

    LEO – the fella that wants to be wanted. A Mr. Taoiseach mug. Look at me socks Theresa. A TV remote so that he can look at Oireachtas Report. Looking upwards (at what I wonder?…did Kenny leave The Moriarty Report on top of a bookcase?)

  9. Paddy at the Howth Summit

    Isn’t Clongriffin in Richard Bruton’s constituency? Not invited? The Night of the Short Blunt Swiss Army Knives beckons courtesy of the SS Communications Unit…

    Bit of a hike from Dundalk.
    Though further from Soweto.

    Good luck to the kid and where ever this life takes her. Hope she sits in a real seat of power in this country for some day and help change the place.

  10. Sheik Yahbouti

    Fupp off you fuppers (BTW Where are your hi Viz jackets and hard hats). You have nothing, NOTHING, to do with the efforts of this and other Housing Agencies. You are shameless rats and your Sheik hates you.

    1. Rob_G

      Well, one is Taoiseach, and one is Minister for Housing, so they probably had something to do with it at some stage.

      Life is short, Sheik – you would probably feel a bit better if you didn’t invest so much energy in hating public figures who are probably nice enough as people, even if you don’t agree with all of their policies.

  11. anne

    Was nothing learned from Ballymun? These look a bit bleak. Any amenities there, besides a fish n chip shop? You’d be mortified for Leo if he had any shame..

    1. Cian

      Leo – don’t bother doing anything because anne will slag you off regardless.

      Or rather, Leo, do whatever you want to because anne will slag you off regardless.

      1. anne

        What exactly did Leo do here? Besides the photo op..

        These useless fuppers would show up at the opening of a paper bag.

      1. anne

        It still looks a bit soviet union kinda bleak. Couldn’t have done own entrances, with a little garden for each apartment no? Not in the profit margin..

        That looks like block upon block of bleakness.

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