Leo’s Day In The Sun


On Saturday, The Sun in Britain carried the editorial above.

It was not published in The Irish Sun.

Further to this…

Breaking News reports:

Responding to the paper’s article, Varadkar said he had read the editorial in question.

He explained: “I think it’s the second or third time that the Tory press have had a go at me – which is interesting because, here in Ireland, the left and others accuse me of being a Tory.

“I guess I treat all that commentary with the respect it deserves – which isn’t very much.”

THE SUN SAYS Ireland’s naive young prime minister should shut his gob on Brexit and grow up (The Sun)

Taoiseach hits back at ‘Brexit Buffoon’ commentary from ‘Tory press’ (Breaking News)

12 thoughts on “Leo’s Day In The Sun

  1. Yeah, Ok

    Wow, I hadn’t bothered looking for the editorial so hadn’t read it until now. Typical nasty superiority often displayed by certain English people towards the “colonies”.

    Varadkar must be doing something right since he seems to be getting it from all sides.

  2. Jake38

    The Sun. Yes indeed, hugely important organ. Please share more of their masterful editorials with us ignorant peasants.

  3. Cloud

    Is it OK to be proud that he’s wound the brits up a bit, but also still think he’s an absolute tool.

  4. scottser

    try reading that sun editorial in the style of ‘the pub landlord’, with plenty of ‘eh? eh?s’ it’s much better.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    The free border immigration policy may cause Angela to have another snap election in Germany. Poland have voiced concerns. When UK leave the European Court of Justice they will deport criminals , do we want them? We promised to take in 8,000 in middle of a housing crisis from EU policy, a promise we wouldn’t have a hope of fulfilling. I want Leo to fight Ireland’s corner . A 91 year old man from West Cork a fortnight ago, on verge of losing his sight had to be rushed to Belfast for a cataract operation. Our own hospitals had a waiting list of several years. Our children waiting for spinal operations go to UK. We must have contingency plans in place .

  6. Eoin

    Leo’s just having some fun while he’s keeping the boss’ chair warm until the next GE when it flips back to FF. I think it’s their turn next at the pig trough. Which is unfortunate, because we really do need someone fighting for us at this time.

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