Chris Donoghue and Sarah McInerney

Further to reports that Communicorp’s Group Political Editor and Newstalk host Chris Donoghue is to leave the radio after 14 years to become a special adviser to Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney…

Jennifer O’Brien, in The Times Ireland edition, reports:

Sarah McInerney, the journalist and broadcaster, is set to leave Newstalk at the end of the year.

The presenter, who joined the station from The Sunday Times, is planning to write a book and is concentrating on her Sunday afternoon current affairs show on TV3.

A station source said: “Sarah handed in her notice last week and will be leaving around December 23. She wanted to pursue other options and felt she didn’t have as much time to commit to the station.”

McInerney follows co-presenter in quitting radio job (The Times Ireland edition)


10 thoughts on “Other Options

  1. Kid Creole Jensen

    They cant seem to retain staff. It would be interesting to see how long that Sunday show lasts. I cant imagine too many people watch it. Its on at a funny time. I have recorded it twice and watched it. Its ok, just ok, nothing earth shattering. If one were to believe my colleagues in MSM Donoghoe and McInerney’s radio show was incredible. it wasn;t it was just ok. It filled a hole in the schedule. Donoghoe is vastly overrated as a broadcaster. He has no personality, no wit.

  2. Helga

    As someone who has inside info, it’s cause O’Brien’s going to pull the plug on Newstalk next year. Rats abandoning the Titanic.

  3. Andrew

    I’d be sorry to see Newstalk go, bad and all that it is. Having said that, Chris Donoghue is no loss. A total lightweight with a personality bypass.
    Sarah McInerney was decent enough I thought.

    1. Harry Molloy

      He’s not very good on his own, neither is Ivan Yates, but together they had a really entertaining breakfast show. Shame they never got it back.

      Fact is the money isn’t magnificent unless you are one of the 3 or 4 big names and as profiles and experience grow they’ll lose staff.

      1. Yeah, Ok

        Totally agree on Chris and Ivan.

        Sarah is/was the most bizarrely aggressive and argumentative radio host I’ve ever heard. She was completely out of her depth on Drive. Shouting down every interviewee at every opportunity while rarely having the slightest clue about the topic at hand. It didn’t help that Chris was a complete drip on that show and neither of them had a word to say that didn’t completely agree with the other’s right-on simplistic view of the world.

  4. gorugeen

    Standing by Hook at the expense of others will go down as a gigantic mistake. I’ve been listening to newstalk since the very first show. It was great but the watering down in the last few years has stripped it of credibility. It’ll be a shame if it disappears into radio heaven. It’ll have TX fm for company.

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