‘The Weakest Kid In The Playground Sucking Up To The EU Bullies’




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120 thoughts on “‘The Weakest Kid In The Playground Sucking Up To The EU Bullies’

  1. Charger Salmons

    Ireland is certainly being played like a sucker by the European Commission in much the same way it allowed itself to be bullied by the EU over the Lisbon Treaty.
    The single market with the UK is Ireland’s most important trade relationship.
    It make sense to preserve it post-Brexit.
    Pursuing a strategy in the opposite direction highlights Verruca’s total inexperience in diplomacy.
    I wonder what Paddy will say the morning he wakes up to a Hard Brexit and finds his country is the worst hit by it.
    Druncker must be laughing over his breakfast brandy.

    1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

      The same as he always does, he’s just going to go straight to the pub and drink himself to oblivion then come home and beat the wife and ride the dog

    2. Charger Salmons

      Bertie Ahern – a rock of sense.
      This man would have knocked this problem on the head weeks ago and be in Brussels wheeling and dealing to spin a good deal for Ireland and the mainland.
      Instead of being caught with his trousers down over some petty domestic trivia that makes Verruca look like a gombeen on the international stage.


      1. ReproBertie

        HAHAHAHAH!!! Bertie is promoting smuggling as a solution and you’re so desperate for a glimmer of light in the Brexit darkness that you’re agreeing with him.

        Well if you can judge a man by the company he keeps then this chancer is a perfect fit for the Brexiteers. Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile and they clearly favour his wishful thinking approach to economic success. It’s only a matter of time before May is admonishing people for talking down the economy (slowest wage growth since 19th century, national debt doubled) and wondering why they don’t just commit suicide.

        1. Charger Salmons

          As the man played a key part in the Good Friday Agreement saving countless lives in the process I’d be quite happy to keep Bertie’s company.
          Mind you I probably wouldn’t lend him the money to buy a round although with an annual pension of €152,330 he probably doesn’t need it.
          Good man yourself Bertie.

          1. ReproBertie

            He certainly did a fine job of claiming credit for the GFA but then he was always a great man for the credit. Just ask Tony Gregory. Not really one for responsibility though.

      1. ReproBertie

        The days of the Irish being told what needs to be by the British are long, long gone and the notion that any Irish politician should take anything she says in that article seriously is a stretch, even for you.

        Kate Hoey thinks that, like Mexico and Trump’s wall, Ireland should pay for the border. Once again with “someone else tidy our mess” from the Brexiteers. She’s wrong about so many things in that article it’s hard to know where to begin. Hilariously she claims to know “what upsets most people in Northern Ireland” and then has a go at the “EU bureaucrats” who “pontificate piously about the border as if they know what they are talking about” before talking about “ethnic cleansing that was inflicted on Protestant farmers”.

        Of course she throws in the £7 Billion that the UK used to bail the Republic out without mentioning that it was a loan and is being paid back with very profitable interest rates. Nor does she mention the knock on effect the collapse of Irish banks would have had on banks in the UK had they not fronted up the loan.

        The thing about true friends is that they tend not to use their friendship as a bargaining chip.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Still,£7Billion is seven billion big ones.
          I don’t recall Paddy being churlish about it at the time.
          In fact he seemed to be in a hurry to get down the pub and start necking it,even while the East Europeans were quietly coming in and taking all their jobs.
          You know,those East Europeans with a good work ethic,reliable and likely to turn up on a Monday morning.

    3. Charger Salmons

      Dublin: “You mustn’t put up a border.”
      London: “Fair enough: we won’t.”
      Dublin: “Neither must we.”
      London: “That’s your call.”
      Dublin: “Why are you being so difficult?”

    1. ReproBertie

      It’s really killing the Brexiteers that the Irish aren’t as dumb as they’ve always believed and refuse to join them in their doomed enterprise.

      1. Killian G

        In all seriousness, the Brexiteers have finally copped that this was a really bad idea and it’s not going to work out well for them… so they need someone to blame. Step forward Leo Varadkar. All about optics and the British public are famously gullible.

        1. Shayna

          The thing is, it was pressure from UKIP to demand a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. At the time, Cameron called the bluff. It turns out, it was his demise. The current PM, was a “Remain” type, then she became a “Brexiteer” type, following the highly democratic voting system via London, totally ignore Scotland and the North of Ireland who voted majorly to remain.
          Flip-flop politics if ever I saw it.
          Also, I kinda admire An Taoiseach standing up for Ireland. I wouldn’t necessarily be a FG type, but he certainly stepped up to the plate. (It’s a baseball term, apparently?). Despite the title of this post, Ireland won’t tolerate the bully. Nice one, Leo!

          1. ReproBertie

            While An Taoiseach standing up for Ireland is certainly one way to look at it, in reality he’s just repeating the EU’s stated position. The Brexiteers’ frustration is from the realisation that Ireland won’t jump no matter how many times they bark.

            No doubt Leo is whistling the Strawbs on his way into meetings.

          2. Shayna

            @ReproBertie, Would you ever just give me this one. I’ve never had an occasion to commend An Taoiseach. (EU directives, notwithstanding). Go raibh maith agat.

      2. Marymalou

        I think Fianna Fail are more disgusted than any Brexiteer.

        Fine Gael are getting every square inch of this fight all to themselves. Simon Coveney even gets to swing the Irish Veto all over Fianna Fails leadership in their own back garden.

        Is Salmon Charger a Fianna Fail activist?

  2. Charger Salmons

    Paddy still doesn’t get it.
    Without a trade deal the UK can’t possible give guarantees about the border.
    No trade deal means Hard Brexit.
    Hard Brexit with no money paid to Europe means a big hole in the EU budget which means more contributions from countries that are net contributors – like Ireland.
    Hard Brexit is the worst possible outcome for Ireland as it will make exports to its single biggest market,the UK,more expensive.
    Yet Varadkar wants to make a stand over a few milk churns crossing the Irish border to stop electoral votes leaking to Sinn Fein ?
    You’re being led by a donkey.

    1. ReproBertie

      The more racist tripe you spout the more obvious your fear in the face of Brexit.

      Despite what you read in the Daily Heil, the UK is not Ireland’s single biggest market. The US is and Belgium is on a par with the UK in 2nd place.

      The only border solution is no border but May’s in bed with the homophobic zealots in Northern Ireland so she can’t go that route. Britain is in so much trouble over Brexit that they’ve had to announce a wedding as a distraction.

      1. ReproBertie

        With prefect timing, Viz have just tweeted a frame from issue 258 (summer 2016) where Theresa May is saying “We were going to just keep saying ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and then announce a Royal Wedding so everyone will forget about it.”

        1. ReproBertie

          If it wasn’t for May needing the DUP they already would have. The pre Brexit debates and the lead up to the election had zero mentions of Northern Ireland. They’re so blinkered they only realise Ireland exists when they claim Irish successes as British.

          1. scottser

            there was a good comment in the guardian today – says it better than I could:

            NI voted remain. The DUP leadership don’t have a mandate for their position from the electorate. They have 1 more seat than Sinn Fein in the Assembly, having lost 10 seats in 2017. The SDLP, Sinn Fein, Alliance and the UUP (All remainers) have 57 seats as opposed to the DUPs 28.

            In other words – the DUP are there to prevent a return to the power-sharing executive until Brexit is a done deal for May. This is what Brexit will fail on. The stakes are so high that the Tories are about to break the UK in their quest for power, and the DUP have joined them for the jolly.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Northern Ireland is a constituent part of the UK which voted by a majority to Leave.
            The Conservatives,DUP and Labour were all committed to leaving the EU during the last general election and 85% of the UK electorate voted for them.
            The DUP have a very powerful mandate from the United Kingdom to pursue exactly the policy they are.
            Soz and all that Spudders but deeze,dose and dems de facts,like.

          3. scottser

            mr salmon, you are deluded. long before may and foster are allowed to ram the uk into a wall, the government will fall and corbyn will negotiate entry to the single market.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Playing Devil’s Advocate it’s possible to have some sympathy for Socks Verruca.
      The problem for him is that Ireland’s choice is broadly similar to the one facing the UK.
      The Irish can either have a deal that they don’t like, because it would mean some kind of border checks between north and south, or they can have no deal at all, which would definitely mean a hard border.
      It’s why a joint Anglo-Irish approach in the next round of the Brexit negotiations would likely achieve far more for both countries than Varadkar’s rather vainglorious posturings last time he was in Brussels.
      For all the ordure piled over politicians like Kenny and Ahern they operated well on the European stage and ensured Ireland always punched far above its weight.
      Verruca is just seen as another smart suit with a weak hold on power and an even lighter grip on how the EU really operates.
      Either way he’s terrified of another election and the march of the shovel-scrapers.

      1. ReproBertie

        A joint Anglo-Irish approach? Hilarious. You took back control and now want us to help sort out your mess. We’ll we’re sitting pretty watching you struggle under the reality of your stupidity.

        Vote Brexit! Take back our borders! Except the only actual land border we have which we’d rather like the EU to sort out for us, thanks. If it wasn’t for the US voting for Trumpty Dumpty the UK would be the globe’s biggest laughing stock right now. But don’t worry. The nation’s biggest welfare recipients are having a wedding!

        1. Charger Salmons

          Hey,relax bro.
          I’m cool with a Hard Brexit.
          I’d rather there was a trade deal but the EU will try everything to prevent it even though they desperately need the UK’s money.
          I just feel it my duty to warn spittle-flecked keyboard warriors like yourself of the consequences.
          Don’t blame me if your Brennans Crisp Sandwich is more expensive after Brexit.

          1. Tulip

            “I’d rather there was a trade deal but the EU will try everything to prevent it even though they desperately need the UK’s money.”

            Logic never was the strongpoint of the Brexiteer.

          2. ReproBertie

            “The EU desperately need the UK’s money.” Yeah sure. Keep telling yourself how important you are as the companies slip away (Standard Club and North P&I Club in the last week) and the economy shrivels up and dies (You’re already the slowest growing developed economy and 63% of UK exports will be subject to new WTO tariffs in the event of a hard Brexit). You shot yourselves in the foot and are desperately trying to convince everyone that you didn’t need all those toes.

            How’s the training of all the replacement nurses going? Must be easy to fund it with all that money going to the NHS instead of the EU.

          3. Killian G

            And even better than all that, an entire year of strategic effort to grow the UK’s trade with non-EU trading partners and reduce dependence on EU trading partners in preparation for when punch-drunk Limey finally pulls the rug from under his own feet has had precisely ZERO results.

            In fact, the UK’s deficit with non-EU states has actually widened by around £2.5 billion! You couldn’t make it up!

            The likes of Charger have been duped! It’s the biggest scam going and half of them haven’t even realised it! What’s that you say, “The inbreds are getting married?!” Super-super, let’s forget about the tanking economy and the lies we’ve been told, and instead wave flags for a bunch of layabouts milking us for millions every year! It’s monumental stupidity, but oh so funny.


          4. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

            It’s not that funny at all. A Hard Brexit is a disaster for Ireland as he rightly says.

          5. Killian G

            What’s funny is Limey’s stupidity.

            Little Englanders keep barking on about how trade with the US and China is where it’s at. Yeah, right. They haven’t a clue.

            The biggest single market for UK exports is the US at just over £35 billion.

            But guess what? Germany ain’t that far behind – £31 billion. And then there’s the Netherlands (£23 billion), France (£19 billion) and Ireland (£18 billion). The stupidity is monumental – and, yes, funny.

            Around 15% of our exports go there. But almost half of that ends up in continental Europe, so it’l be a simple admin exercise to bypass the UK. So you’re left with around 7.5% that’ll be in jeopardy. Much of that is agricultural produce. But much of the UK’s exports to Europe are also agricultural produce. We’ll pick up a big chunk of their former sales.

            When you look at it, it’s funny. Limey hasn’t a clue what he’s just done.

        2. Charger Salmons

          What replacement nurses ?

          ” Figures released by the UK’s Office of National Statistics on Nov 15th show that in the third quarter of this year there were 2.38 million EU nationals working in Britain – a rise of 112,000 on the same period a year earlier.
          The data comes on the heel of figures from NHS Digital which put paid to the claim that the NHS is suffering a ‘Brexodus’ of EU staff.
          At the end of June 2017, there were 3,181 extra EU staff working in the NHS than at the end of June 2016.
          There were an extra 441 EU doctors, 27 more midwives and an extra 136 ambulance staff. Some exodus.
          The net number of EU nurses did fall by 289 (a loss of 1.3 per cent) but there is another reason for this – which also explains a much more dramatic fall in EU nurses registering to work in Britain, endlessly repeated by those opposed to Brexit.
          More stringent language tests introduced in January 2016 for overseas nurses wanting to work in Britain had a huge effect on nurses being registered from July 2016 onwards (the registration process can take up to six months to complete).
          According to one agency which recruits overseas nurses 80 per cent of applicants have been failing the overly-academic tests, including even some native English speakers from Australia. The test was relaxed on 1 November this year. ”
          The Spectator

          Statistics dear boy will always trump spurious claims.

          1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

            hahahaha this is the best one yet.

            Excellent trolling old boy sure where would you get it

          2. Listrade

            Oh Boy. Statistics. Can’t argue with them.


            Net long-term international migration was estimated to be +246,000 in year ending (YE) March 2017, down 81,000 from +327,000 in YE March 2016; immigration was 588,000, down 50,000, and emigration was 342,000, up 31,000 (all statistically significant changes).
            More than half of the change in net migration can be accounted for by a decrease in net migration of EU citizens (down 51,000); this was driven by an increase (33,000) in emigration for EU citizens (in particular EU8 emigration up 17,000 (both statistically significant)) and a 19,000 decrease in immigration (not statistically significant).

          3. Tulip

            A better source than on the patterns of EU workers leaving and joining the NHS would have been the BBC’s analysis (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-41556997), but I suppose that would have disagreed with your point so you chose to ignore it.

            Statistics will indeed always trump spurious claims, including those found on an blog piece hosted by The Spectator.

          4. Tulip

            Just as fake statistics don’t amount to a counter argument, nor do “*sniggers*”. Care to actually debate, or perhaps you are too intimidated by real numbers?

  3. Eoin

    The Eurocrats don’t give a damn about Ireland. They cared more about Greece and look how they treated the Greeks. We’ll be used as a tool to needle the Brits on their way out. And I wouldn’t be so quick to badmouth Brexit either. Once the European experiment fails utterly we’ll probably be the last to leave. We’ve already paid more than anyone else has for the banking crisis and still we remain good subjects. Gotta agree with UKIP on this. Our politicians deserve to be called out as the Euro lackeys they are.

    1. martco

      oh I think they do….but not out of any camaraderie scenario I reckon
      they’ll be careful not to have it look at least like Ireland gets crushed here, any moves to quit the EU by us or any other small country longer term would pull down the €
      for stability sake the optics will have to look good here is my guess

  4. Andy Moore

    80 -100 times more incidence of food poisoning in UK than Ireland & the UK want to shuffle their dodge produce to Ireland & by-pass stricter EU laws ? Forget about the UK & leave it be an Isle of obstinance !!

  5. Shayna

    I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have to say the repeated use of, “Paddy” by Charger Salmon is more than grating on me. I’ll be off then, until someone figures out that is altogether racist.
    Slán agaibh.

    1. martco

      I suspect @Charger has already been eating too much of that nice bleached chicken and GM’d chips his fellow old bricks are seemingly so enthused about

      1. Charger Salmons

        Everyone who has ever been to America has eaten bleached chicken.
        In all my many,many visits or hearing from many other people who have been Stateside I can’t recall anyone ever saying the chicken tasted of bleach.
        Indeed,even the European Food Safety Authority admits it is perfectly safe to eat.
        And I’m all for GM foods.They’re good for the environment.
        Next !

  6. Clamped Outside!

    People are getting upset by the use of ‘Paddy’ ….

    In my day, ‘Paddy’ became our word and it’s little “power” of offence was neutered through laughter and ridicule….

    I miss those days

      1. Shayna

        I lived in and around London for 15 years, I got the Guinness conversation, it’s better in Dublin, (In an English accent, attempting an Irish accent) sure it’s made over there by Paddys, not like here,where it’s made by, in the kindest of words) not Irish types.

        1. Charger Salmons

          It’s like what English people living in Ireland have to put up with on a regular basis.
          Or East Europeans.
          Or Chinese.
          Or Indian.
          It’s the same the world over.You either accept it for the good-natured banter that in most cases it usually is or you let it gnaw away at you until you develop an inferiority complex.

          1. Charger Salmons

            You’ve obviously never heard an Irishman do a Phil Mitchell impression and sound like Dick Van Dyke doing an impression of an English chimney sweep.
            Away with your virtue-signalling .

          2. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

            Come tell us how you slew them poor Arabs two by two,
            Like the Zulus they had spears and bows and arrows,

          3. Nigel

            Good point, actually. This kind of relentless casual racism is designed to gnaw away at its target and feed their inferiority complexes while gaslighting them with the idea that they’re obliged to accept it because of the lie that it’s good-natured. Anyone who tells you that the answer to racism is more racism directed at you is not being good-natured and genuinely doesn’t like you.

          4. Charger Salmons

            Tan doesn’t bother me one iota,Patrick my old chum.
            You can Tan away as much as you like.
            You see – not a bodge.

          5. Nigel

            The idea tha one desired effect of racism is to to make the target of racism both look and feel inferior is hardly a reflection on anyone but the racists, and since the target in this case is Irish people I’m not talking about other ethnic groups. Do you actually understand any of the concepts you argue over?

      1. Nigel

        Standing up to racism is a refusal to be a victim. ‘Reaching for victimhood’ is the narrative of the racist who wants to shut you up. Be smarter. Reducing CS’s racism to the use of ‘paddy’ ignores how genuinely hateful he is. Now if Broadsheet want this to, inevitably, come to dominate their comment section, fine, it’s their site, but I don’t see why we’re obliged to respond as if he isn’t a walking sh*t sandwich we’re apparently expected to pretend to enjoy and tolerate and find hilarious. He’s a Brexit LJG.

        1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

          Watch out everyone here comes Special Agent Nigelson from our Corrected Media Narrative Special Ops Team. If you so much as split a hungry, poor, huddled infinitive in his general direction he will quash you.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          in case there is any confusion. I am referring to the ‘reaching for victimhood is the narrative of the racist.
          Reaching for victimhood is what keeps black people from doing something about their situation.

          I’ll add Lil Wayne to that list.

          1. Nigel

            Pointing out racism is keeping black people from doing something about racism sounds like the sort of thing a racist would say to stop black people pointing out racism. It’s a good thing I’m aware how limited your grasp of complex issues is so I know you’re just being incredibly clumsy because eeesh.

          2. Nigel

            Er. That was the point. Try to follow along. People are pointing out Brexit Jacket Guy’s racism. Rotide referred to it as reaching for victimhood. I asserted that calling it such works in the racist’s favour and undermines the people pointing it out. The people in the videos you link to might be talking about something else, but that is what I have been talking about. Pointing out racism, and pushing back against it, is not reaching for victimhood.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            No, you said, and I quote “‘Reaching for victimhood’ is the narrative of the racist”.

            Your assertion came in a later comment.

            Let’s stay with the earlier one and clear that up first.

            “‘Reaching for victimhood’ is the narrative of racists”
            You say it is a narrative of racists. I gave you names of a few black people who say that reaching for victimhood and the encouragement of it is the problem because it teaches the opposite of self reliance and the belief in oneself to have the ability to do better for themselves as it encourages an inferiority complex.
            This applies in the treatment of any group, Irish or black or whatever.

          4. Charger Salmons

            It’s the self-righteous,sanctimonious hypocrisy of a poster happy to call another a walking sh*t sandwich but takes offence at being called the same word a former Taoiseach used on television to describe his fellow citizens.
            I’m sure he’s the kid in the Celtic jersey waving the ” No foreign games ” sign a few years later.
            My Paddy friends laughed at him then and they’re laughing at him now.

          5. Nigel

            I did. I keep forgetting you don’t do nuance, or possibly good faith. If you say that pointing out racism is reaching for victimhood, that is a narrative that suits racists. Unless you’re suggesting that Morgan Freeman would agree with rotide that pointing out CS’s racism is reaching for victimhood and the opposite of self-reliance and the belief in oneself to do better etc? I think it takes self-reliance and belief in oneself to stand up to racists. Of course it’s possible you’re not doing justice to Morgan Freeman’s argument, particularly as it relates to pointing out when someone is being racist.

          6. Nigel

            Hee-Haw, you offended me when you attacked the victim in the Tom Humphreys case. Pointing out your racism is simply pointing out a fact, in much the same way one would point out the state of the weather. You aren’t a walking sh*t sandwich. That would imply you’d evolved to the point of having a spine.

          7. Nigel

            Your denial is sort of reassuring, since it implies even you know you went too far. But since you did it twice (one deleted straight away by Broadsheet, don’t know if the other was), I don’t think it was part of an act. But that’s why I find you loathsome rather than just tedious.

          8. Charger Salmons

            You’re being dishonest to imply that I attacked the victim in this case.
            I didn’t.
            I merely noted that the very large number of tweets involved in the case could be open to a different interpretation than that reached by the court.
            There is a world of difference and if you had even half the intelligence that you frequently accuse other posters of not possessing you would understand that.

          9. Nigel

            That’s not what you said, but it does indicate what you were getting at. You loathsome sh*t sandwich.

            Stick to belligerent jingoistic imperialistic racism. It’s your best side.

          10. Charger Salmons

            Poor sad Nigel.
            Like the two year old who has learned his first swear word and is keen to show off.
            You need to try a bit harder, old cock.
            Pip pip !

          11. Charger Salmons

            Jaysus,lad,when it comes to entertaining the masses you’re the Tommy Cooper of Broadsheet.
            You know,dying on stage.

          1. Nigel

            So a fragment of a longer sentence causes you to combust like the Nazis at the end of Raiders when they open the Ark Of The Covenant. Perhaps you are simply unable to articulate why?

          2. Nigel

            Geez, if you don’t want to explain why those particular eight words extracted without context from a much longer sentence causes you to turn into the Snowman at the end of The Snowman just say so.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            ‘Reaching for victimhood’ is the narrative of racist who wants to shut you up’

            That’s the full sentence.
            I wish to amend all previous uses of “‘Reaching for victimhood’ is the narrative of the racist” to the full sentence above.

            I do not wish to change any of the points as it is the suggestion that it is a “narrative of the racist” that I wish to be addressed, thank u

          4. Noone

            Yeah as Charger would say, if paddy is not down the local drinking himself to oblivion he’s insulting his Neighbour and challenging him to a bare knuckle brawl because of some dispute about perceived encroachment in the boundaries of each other’s cowsheds ( probably)

          5. Nigel

            Are you screwing up the comments or is it Broadhseet?

            ‘the suggestion that it is a “narrative of the racist” that I wish to be addressed, thank u’

            Target of racism: That’s racist!
            Racist: You’re just reaching for victimhood!
            Target of racism: You’re right! I’ll stop challenging your racism!
            Racists: Yay! Now you’re not a victim you ugly little beer-swilling spud munching paddy!
            Target of racism: I can’t respond to that because if I do I will be reaching for victimhood!
            Racist: Sure and begorrah you Guinness-soaked Mick!

          6. Nigel

            ‘Why do you feel obliged to respond?’

            ‘obliged to respond as if…’ and there was a whole other part of that sentence that alters the meaning of the fragment you quoted considerably! I sometimes worry you’re not very bright because I’d hate to think you were actively dishonest.

          7. Nigel

            Clampers does the Black Panther guy think pointing out CS’s racism is reaching for victimhood? Otherwise what’s the relevance and why are you harping on about this? Reaching for victimhood was rotide’s phrase in a conversation about CS’s racism. It is my contention that to use the phrase in this context is to effectively dismiss people pointing out racism and empower racists. Try to stick to the context of this conversation, not some other conversation.

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