Vilified To Vindicated


In fairness.

Previously: Gemma O’Doherty on Broadsheet

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28 thoughts on “Vilified To Vindicated

    1. realPolithicks

      She’s been rejected by the establishment because she went against the consensus, once you’re out you’re out.

  1. Liam Deliverance

    We haven’t forgotten you Gemma, one of the good ones, you are better off away from that rag anyway, even though that is not the point, hang in there.

  2. Donal

    Her attacks on Colm O’Gorman (she purposely took one of a string of 4 or 5 tweets of his and used it to claim he was saying the opposite of what he said) were pathetic last week, completely undermined her claim to be a good journalist who deals in facts

    Some on twitter believed it was due to her being on the anti-choice side of the repeal debate, and thus she was trying to smear Colm and Amnesty. Behaviour she rails against in others. Very hypocritical behaviour in my opinion

    1. Ciara

      The same Colm O’Gorman who stood as a candidate for the Progressive Democrats and was close to former Justice Minister Michael McDowell?

      1. Donal

        Disagree with someone all you want. Don’t claim the higher ground when you have demonstrably taken a tweet out of context for the purposes of a smear

    2. Blonto

      Nah. Colm O’Gorman jumps in with 2 feet at times. Being head of Amnesty in Ireland puts you on a pedestal. But it’s not so high that you can’t be kicked when you make a boo-boo.

      1. Donal

        This isn’t about Colm, it’s about the idea that Gemma O’Doherty is an impartial journalist at all times and worthy of praise for this

        1. Blonto

          Seems to me that you made it about Colm in your first comment. Don’t go moving the goalposts now. Not sure what anti-choice stance has to do with this. For the record I don’t know that her stance on Repeal 8 is and I don’t care.
          What I do care about is her work in highlighting state sponsored cover ups in the cases of Mary Boyle, Father Molloy, Shance O’Farrell etc. and her support for McCabe, Wilson, Sugarman and other whistleblowers.
          It’s a disgrace that she was booted out of INM and it’s to the detriment of this country that there aren’t more journalists like O’Doherty (not saying she’s the only decent journo, just that we need more). When the establishment gang up on you, it means you’re doing the right thing. Unfortunately you can end up paying a high price.

          1. Donal

            She attacked Colm, I pointed out that despite her reputation as a quality journalist who asks questions others don’t she isn’t above behaviour she would herself criticise, using that attack as evidence.
            I’m in full agreement that her anti-establishment journalism is needed in this country, and that she has worked hard to uncover hidden truths.
            I’m disappointed by her hypocritical behaviour in this scenario. She used a smear attack to undermine someone, played the man not the ball etc. She is not above criticism, her good works do not make her so. This is exactly the attitude she takes in her journalism.

  3. Catherine costelloe

    She gave a voice to Julia Walsh and the late lovable Nancy Shanahan on their ” missing” sons in her last article for the Indo. Both mothers adamant their sons were murdered and a cover up by garda.
    She is a brave journalist of highest integrity, and gives forgotten victims a voice.

  4. Anomanomanom

    So its basically what you reported has been proven. So if you reporting it, directly caused you to lose your job surely you have a legal case.

  5. Jimmy Rimmel

    She writes some valuable stuff but also gives vent to wild conspiracy theories- see the latest Village magazine for example- and she seemed happy enough to put the boot into Maria Cahill

  6. Owen C

    Gemma has been excellent on garda corruption. She has been batpoo insane on some of the murder conspiracy theories. Lord Mountbatten getting involved recently, for instance. Bonkers.

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