Comptroller and Auditor General Seamus McCarthy

This morning.

The Public Accounts Committee.

“Eight out of the 100 companies with the highest taxable income had an effective tax rates of zero, including some which had negative rates, ie instead of paying corporation tax, they received rebates.

A further five had an effective rate of less than 1%

These very low effective rates reflected the use by the companies of significant tax credits and reliefs in particular double taxation relief and research and development tax credits.”

Comptroller and Auditor General  Seamus McCarthy, this morning.

Good times.

Apple’s €13 billion won’t be transferred until next year, PAC told (RTÉ)

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5 thoughts on “Less Than Zero

  1. D

    Absolute nonsense,
    In a study prepared by the World Bank and Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, it was found that Ireland has an effective tax rate of 12.3%, higher than other European countries.

  2. dav

    If they wanted somebody claiming welfare to pay it back they wouldn’t wait 12months, then again, blushirts…

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