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Bonkers writes:

Following on from your Easons/Amazon post yesterday here is another one.

My absolute favourite cheese for topping homemade burgers is smoked applewood. In Supervalu it costs 2.99 for 150g which works out at 19.93 a kilo.

Whereas over in Tesco 185g of smoked applewood cheese, imported from the UK, will cost you 1.38 or 7.46 per kilo. 6

By my calculation this product is 167% more expensive in Supervalu than it is in Tesco.

Hooray for British cheese I say.


Yesterday: Eason/Amazon

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18 thoughts on “Tesco/SuperValu

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Yep. Like most own brands of cheese, it’s the own label ones that are the lower quality and lower price. The manufacturers have to get rid of the lesser quality stuff somewhere.

      2. Custo

        Aye. Their cheddar smells like yoghurt.

        Saw 4 slices of ham for 3.49 in SuperValu yesterday. Good times

  1. Martco

    this is actually a comparison of the offerings from THREE different retailers potentially here….be warned that when you go shopping in a SuperValu (Musgraves) it might be one of two very different animals a) an original Superquinn shop b) a franchisee run by some local…look closely at the logo there’ll be some evidence of a family name..

    as a rule of thumb I’ll only shop at a)
    if I can because quality, range, pricing fairly poor in b)

    cheeses are a total ripoff you’d nearly be better shopping at Sheridan’s in some cases

      1. Martco

        you’re dead right there

        the classic trick to watch out for with packs of cheese is that it might only be partially cheese or in a couple of cases not cheese at all!! watch out for the ingredients stated…if it “contains cheese” or has some bds like “blended cheese” give it a wide berth or even worse “cheese flavouring” :)

        unbelievable stuff sometimes

    1. Modac

      And don’t even talk about their smoked salmon with the big yellow “HALF PRICE” label, with in much much smaller letters a warning that the price on the packet is the price referred to… and the price on the packet appears to be the original one stamped in its plastic.

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