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From top: RTÉ 9 O’ Clock News report on Supervalu last night; email from SuperValu today

This afternoon.

RK writes:

Not sure you want another empty shelves story but I thought this one was interesting considering Supervalu management were on the RTÉ 9 o’clock news last night advising people not to panic buy/stockpile as there was no issue with the supply chain…

….I placed a weekly shopping order online yesterday morning (I’ve a chronic lung issue and currently attempting to social distance myself, I’ve also been working from home for 2 weeks, I thought online ordering was wise).

The order was placed well before the Taoiseach’s announcement and before any of the madness took hold yesterday.

There were 5 free delivery slots for today when I placed the order and it was for a standard weekly shop (if it was an order for a 1,000 rolls of toilet paper I’d understand!).

Supervalu have just phoned me to apologise that they’ve cancelled the entire order, the (very nice) person I spoke to said they were cancelling all orders due to demand.

I specifically queried the issue and they confirmed there was a lack of supply to fulfill the orders.

I asked if the order could be postponed and was told that no all orders were being cancelled completely.


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From top: Tesco; SuperValu


Bonkers writes:

Following on from your Easons/Amazon post yesterday here is another one.

My absolute favourite cheese for topping homemade burgers is smoked applewood. In Supervalu it costs 2.99 for 150g which works out at 19.93 a kilo.

Whereas over in Tesco 185g of smoked applewood cheese, imported from the UK, will cost you 1.38 or 7.46 per kilo. 6

By my calculation this product is 167% more expensive in Supervalu than it is in Tesco.

Hooray for British cheese I say.


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