Winning Numbers


This Wednesday

Dan Boyle’s Xmas political non-fiction stocking filler, Making Up The Numbers; Smaller Independent Parties In Irish Politics is getting launched in Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin 2 at 7pm.

Meanwhile, following last week’s competition, Brother Barnabas (Catsiglierie), Penfold and Aaaa each win a copy for correctly numbering the political parties with the word ‘Clann’ that have had Oireachtas representation.

The number of parties was two: Clann na Talmhan and Clann na Poblachta.

History Press, Dan’s publishers, would also like make a copy available to Bisted for ‘special pleading’.

Thanks all.

Previously: Making Up The Numbers

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16 thoughts on “Winning Numbers

    1. bisted

      …hooray…the beal bocht has worked (although I thought the answer was three)…no matter…my GP had told me I was developing an unhealthy dependance on sleeping tablets…


    2. Cu Cullan

      We all die. Big parties, little parties. Some, CnaP: mother and baby, die doing the right thing. Some GP die doing the wrong thing: motorway through Skryne.. just saying it’s about time he decided to be honest to himself..

  1. Brother Barnabas

    Hello Bodger, not that I’m ungrateful or anything like that, but I think we said my one would go to “catsiglierie”. I was in it for the winning, not the prize.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Cool. Worked out well. Catsiglierie gets a book, but everyone still gets to know that I’m a winner.

          1. Warden of the Snort

            Well the thing is you’ve always struck me as a winner bb, call it mutual recognition if you like, it’s like when you see a dangerous dog in the street, you just know, but other people need to see it as well

  2. Killian G

    “The answer was two: Clann na Talmhan and Clann na Poblachta.”

    Well we can see why Bodger didnt win…….

  3. Shayna

    @Brother, everyone’s a winner. Also, just heard Keith, “Cheggars Plays Pop” Chegwin has just died. He was only 60. Without going down the whole, I met, such and such, but I worked with Maggie Philbin, his ex-wife, she was great. I’ve already got the jingle in my head, “Cheggars plays pop, Cheggars plays pop”. It’s a generational thing, clearly?

      1. Shayna


        Isn’t it great great to be a winner? Shergar was a winner, he disappeared, Pat Spillane was a winner now a whiner. Charlie Sheen repeatedly quoted, “Winning!” following his melt-down and subsequent diagnosis of being HIV positive.
        Is it really that great to win, or merely participate in the grander schemes? I supported Tyrone, because my dad used to play for Tyrone back in the late 50s. There were lots of years when we (Tyrone) were also-rans. My dad died witnessing 2 Tyrone All-Irelands at Croke Park, he couldn’t hang on for the third in 2008.
        Sure, winning is great, but participation isn’t that bad either.

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