A Christmas Staple


This afternoon.

Terenure, Dublin 6.

Will O’Connell writes:

You may have featured them before (we have!) but it’s hard to beat the Christmas window display from Terenure Office Supplies – featuring moving trains and flying reindeer.

I think their efforts merit switching your stationery account from that multinational conglomerate you order from. Support a local family run business instead!


Terenure Office Supplies

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10 thoughts on “A Christmas Staple

  1. jimmey_russell

    ugh, can we stop using the c-word? drumpf legitimized racism by endorsing christmas over the holidays, christmas is dangerosuly offensive and needs to be phased out, it’s 2017 christmas has very little to do with christianity anyway

    1. scottser

      tell me what you think of when you hear the term ‘christmas pudding’. dark, fruity, rich and succulent christmas pudding, dripping with hot brandy butter.
      you want to taste it, don’t you?

    2. Modac

      So Christmas is offensive because it’s a Christian holiday, but is little to do with Christianity.

      R-i-i-i-i-i-i-ght. You should get that seen to.

  2. bertie blenkinsop

    Is that butchers on Church Road in East Wall still going?
    That used to be great at Christmas.
    ( not so much for turkeys obviously…)

        1. Joxer

          @Bertie….Paddy is still going strong down on Church Road…. As always he had santa visit for the kids couple weeks ago and his shopfront is bedecked with the Christmas display. will try source a photo and stick it on here

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