Nation Wide Boy


This evening.

DMG Business Centre, Blackhall Place Dublin 7

Michael Fingleton, former managing director of the now defunct Irish Nationwide Building Society, leaving the the inquiry investigating the governance of the lender in the lead-up to its winding-up in 2011.

Mr Fingleton described the inquiry as an “artificially trumped up case” and said both the regulator and, previously, the financial regulator had full details and knowledge of the activity of INBS at all times, including its commercial lending programme.


INBS inquiry ‘artificially trumped up case’, says Fingleton (RTÉ)

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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23 thoughts on “Nation Wide Boy

  1. Andrew

    Careful now. He lent a lot of media types money during the bubble. The same media that failed in the bubble and still fails in Ireland today.
    Smart ballsy types. There are lots of them still in situ. many now whining about the demise of that self same media.
    Absolute, hypocritical ladyparts most of them

    1. realPolithicks

      I wasn’t aware of that, although it doesn’t surprise. If you have any can you please post some links with info on this. Thanks.

      1. Andrew

        Quoted from the defunct Sunday Tribune

        “While his contemporaries were shy and media-awkward, Fingleton cultivated relationships with journalists and got acres of free publicity. Indeed, many journalists in the 1980s received mortgages from the Irish Nationwide; Fingleton always stressed that these were all above board.
        During the 1980s, when he was at the height of his media profile, he sent journalists a Christmas card portraying himself as Santa Claus.”

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    What is it with wearing scarves under your coat like that? I saw Leo did it too. What’s the point unless you wrap it around your neck?

  3. dav

    It was common knowledge amongst the property developer class that, if you needed some cash to get a deal over the line and were under time restraints (say it was Friday and all parties wanted it done by the weekend) “Fingers” was yer only man. Millions available, no due diligence needed.

        1. Killian G


          We live in an instant society. People needs things when they need them not in a week or a month or when some lefty looney decides it is O.K. to approve. The BIG MAN needs cash, the BIG MAN gets cash. The Little Man needs to get over it.

          (* that’s the buzzer sound of a wrong answer)

          1. Warden of the Snort

            it’s hard to know dav

            maybe by being able to laugh about it killian shows a slightly higher level of self-awareness than the average ff/fger or real elitist trolls like dan boyle or derek mooney? Hard to say though I must admit

            maybe stick to your poo socks stuff Killian? The ceiling may well be scatological humour for you mate

          2. Killian G

            It is not a pleasant admission but I fear you may be right, Warden. I would though prefer that you not draw attention to it. Can we agree that at least?

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