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The Echo Chamber podcast.

Ahead of today’s A Home For All Event (see below), Martin McMahon (top left) and and Tony Groves (right) meet CEO and co-founder of Inner City Helping Homeless Anthony Flynn (centre).

Martin writes:

We discuss the heartbreaking fact that 39% of our homeless people are Children. The inability of the government to get a grip with the issue. The battle to beat the normalisation of this societal crisis. Turning the success of The #MyNameIs campaign into a wider campaign.
Above all, telling the government that #HomelessnessIsNotNormal

The Echo Chamber


Erica Fleming tweetz:

I am absolutely thrilled to tell you all that @Glen_Hansard will be our first guest on stage at 12 noon today – I hope you can all make it

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18 thoughts on “Word On The Street

        1. dav

          #mynameis is upsetting to the right-wingers because it calls attention to the homelessness crisis in the country. leo thinks that tis is “talking the country down” and must be stopped.

          1. Andrew

            I’m sorry, I have genuinely never heard of it. Are you trying to be funny? Why be like that?
            Do you engage with people you meet in person this way?

      1. b

        did it increase donations, improve outcomes for homeless people, help change government policy?

        don’t mind me asking questions

        1. Yep

          I would say so to the donations. People tend to have more empathy for children and highlighting the high number of the figures being children I feel would garner a reaction.

          Now of course you would say how I feel is irrelevant to the hard numbers, but if I were to say it lead me towards a donation to a homeless charity would you see it as being effective then?

          Or are you all in on the cost effective angle?

      2. Rob_G

        Were people under the impression that there was no homeless problem in Ireland before the campaign? I’m not really sure that was the case.

        1. Yep

          The point of the campaign was to highlight the number of children who were included in the figures, Rob. To show individual children and their story. Get it?

          1. Rob_G

            No, I get that much – but the only places I have heard the campaign mentioned is on Broadsheet. Presumably the people who read Broadsheet or follow ICCH on Twitter are well-aware of the extent of the homeless problem.

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